“Skin Fools” TV Review: Small TV Time Shirt

“Skin Fools” TV Review: Small TV Time Shirt

A program on television that is so similar to other programs on television that you could swear you have seen it before.


“Appearances are deceiving”

Presentation of the Norwegian game in 12 parts

Premiere in TVNorge The discovery was made on Tuesday, February 6th

Program Director: Ronnie Breed Acey

Guests: Harald Ea, Len Skaber, John Almas, Jenny Skavlan, Jan Thomas, Marti Stockstad, Kalle Hellevang-Larsen, Magnus Devold, Solveig Klubin, Junis Josef, Tinashe Williamson, Peter Shervin.

VG dice show 3 points

While people in many other industries speak warmly of technological transformations and innovations, the lack of imagination, innovation and creativity in the good old television entertainment industry is truly appalling.

They say that the talk show (with celebrities) is ending. But what do we have?

Good Joe!: Ronnie calls Ace Breed.  Please enter, dear TV viewer!

Joe: Celebrity reality shows, where the same 60 celebrities compete against each other in specialties they don't master. Celebrity comedians' shows where the same 30 comedians have to pretend to be the world's best friends – not bitter rivals.

We have what is called the “P3” type, where a celebrity tries to get to the bottom of the matter by using himself as a guinea pig. We have programs where celebrities sit on panels and judge non-celebrities – who very much want to Become Celebrities too. Type “sound”.

At least, we have the oldest format in the world. Game showthe test, a test-One. She was also captured by the same 50th snout. It must be said that the market leaders are TVNorge/Discovery.

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Drama!: Calle Hellevang Larsen, Solveig Klopen and Jenny Skavlan (from left) in

Tonight, they're relevant for another light-hearted game show. With Ronnie Breed Acee as presenter. And celebrities.

This concept seems fundamentally well-known, and has been incorporated across other similar TV shows, making “Skinnet bedrar” move along at a perfect pace.

The three celebrity contestants' people recognition skills will be tested, as will their noses for scammers.

Three people appear to them. One of them is an archer or an axe-thrower, for example, seasoned like that, two of them are trick-makers (Aase calls them “tricksters”).

The panel is given the opportunity to question them, using questions that the program editors may have prepared, in order to build up a picture of their potential credibility. Then the celebrities have to guess. Which one is the real thing?

See how good of a friend they are: Calle Hellevang Larsen, Ronnie Brede Ase, Solveig Kloppen and Jenny Skavlan (from left) in

Another type of task looks like this: Which of these three apples is a real apple? Third: Magnus Devold claims that he does taxidermy – that is, stuffing animals – in his spare time. It's just procrastination, right? What? His fellow celebrities have to guess whether he is lying or not.

Plain and simple, to say the least. And amusing enough for the grayest day of the week, Tuesday. Brede Aase wore the obligatory game show host suit. Maybe he can complete the task in his sleep.

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the weather?  To touch and feel: Calle Hellevang Larsen, Solveig Klopen and Jenny Skavlan (from left) in

Guests are quick-witted, engaging, and informal (being one Few celebrities congratulate themselves It is one of the best things you can do in Norway.) They are good at appearing on TV. Because they're on TV all the time.

Nothing to get excited about either way, this one. “Skin Fool” is a TV show. It's on TV, so it's there.

It was all from here!

The reviewer has watched 2 of the 12 programmes


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