Skistad Kristen Stavo overtook the Swedes

Skistad Kristen Stavo overtook the Swedes

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the The beautiful Lugnet Ski Stadium in Falun is Sweden’s national sport celebration venue. Yesterday was packed in blue and yellow and happy with a local crowd waiting for the local favorites to win before another fun Saturday evening catchy songs.

The famous Swedish girls came from amazing success in the toilet. he was there Four gone out of six possible; It just cuts what can be construed as random lubrication that misses the stick:

  • The long Norwegian pioneering era in cross-country skiing is finally over.

But then that was not the case at all.

to When Kristin Staffas Skestad held off double world champion Jona Sundling in the final sprint, it was very quiet at Lugnette. Is Norway really about to be the best at everything again?

Now it seems so, even if, in disappointment, the Swedish coach tries Explain Sundling’s defeat by the smaller and faster Norwegian rival, with a particularly long period, end of the recession On the road.

Kristen reaches an almost unbelievable top speed on her skates. This pace changes the sport in the blink of an eye, and challenges Sweden’s dominance in the women’s sprint.

Then soon most things are Norwegian again, and also with girls.

20,000 desperate Swedish ski fans is the last thing the sport needs.

several Back-to-back winters of success for star duo Frida Karlsson/Ebba Andersson and the success of the Swedish sprint girls, have lifted cross-country skiing to Sweden’s ancient heights. At that time Early sixties -And Mid eighties When the white-clad Swedes dominated the race.

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The new Swedish skating champions have become the nation’s darlings for the past five seasons. Already at the age of twenty, she becomes Frida Carlson brought on stage Several times during the Idrottsgala after coming close to the impressive Therese Johaug in the 10k during the WC in Seefeld 2019. The future in women’s international skating seemed to be a Swede.

The coup against the neighbor was to come in the first winter without Johaug is annoyingly unbeatable. Finally a women’s class where the Swedes were Big favourites To win the all-around at all distances with American Jesse Diggins and Finland’s Kirto Niskanen as the only contenders.

It didn’t turn out that way.

“someone needs to be fired”

against all possibilities The Norwegian ski girls responded:

  • On relay day at the WC in Planica, it was Norway that produced the most consistent team, winning the most prestigious gold medal.

In the same way that overall favorites Swedes missed out on the World Cup and now stand no chance of catching both Terrell Odnes Wing and rival Jessie Diggins.

to In Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing, there is an impressively rapid development. After all, it is less than a year ago The prevailing controversy in the Norwegian cross-country environment concerned ski girls Poor results.

Therese Johaug herself sat on the heavy academic panel that presented one last fall a report About how Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing is back with a larger display at the top.

Stupid Swedish message

Stupid Swedish message

Just A ski winter later, this report can also appear as an amplification of the crisis. And but she no TRUE. This internal committee rightly pointed out the special strength of a broad national ski sport and the responsibility that comes with being a world leader in a small winter sport.

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There is every reason to look critically at the gender differences in Norway’s elite sport; But apart from handball being historically female-dominated, there may be disparities smaller In the national sport of cross-country skiing:

It’s not that everything is bad. Norway has done well, and there is a lot of hiringCommittee chairman Oyvind Sandbeck recalled the stage when the report came a few weeks before the start of the season.

He then praised the vastness of the cross-country skiing environment, the volunteer herds, the club’s good coaches and the well-developed school sports system.

That’s it everyday culture That helped Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing quickly return to the top level.

Just like the usual skating fun in Swedish villages and in snow-covered cities, Swedish skating girls have finally made happy progress.

Lage Sofienlund was ecstatic after Kristin Stavo’s Skistad win in Drammen. Video: Lucas/Harstad
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but Where the Swede prefers this wonderful winter though no I managed to get out everyone Their potential, the Norwegian skating girls have success.

It happened from widely different starting points. Hard-fighting Ingvild Flugstad Østberg has decided to pursue the WC for Norway after working closely with former great insider sprinter Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass, and has helped sprinter Kristen Staffas Skestad return to her highest level as an adventurer before. Socially conscious young coach in her own club, while veteran Astrid Auer slend patiently takes on long-distance runners through private financing. Ski categorycs.

What all three have in common is the generosity with which they were met by the national team management. The starting point has always been to put together the best toilet squad as good as possible, regardless of their different training backgrounds.

Stop the scam

Stop the scam

Everything It all went well because Norwegian skiing has ended most of the controversy around itself National team model.

After decades of international success, it’s clear that most stars have done just that feature One of the strongest possible national team. This particular clarification also gives the security to make personal exceptions which confirm the correct framework for the Norwegian elite sport.

In winter The one-man treatment of this part gave Johannes Hosflute Klæbo his best season yet. But at the same time, a big lead was secured for world champions Semin Hegstad-Kruger and Paal Gulberg who were closer to the men’s team combined training program under Erik Mehr-Nossum and Arild Monsen.

Just as a surprisingly impressive lead approached the women’s team from coach duo Sjur-Ole Svarstad and Stig Rune Kveen. in world Cup The Swedes are being beaten by the Norwegian national team runners too when it comes down to it the offer On the top:

  • among them 10 best Sweden has it Just Frida Carlson is in fifth place. Norway, on the other hand, has the Commander in Chief and two other front-runners.
Release her!

Release her!

And that after a skiing winter that many predicted would be a crisis season for the girls.

He. She The fallacy came about because they underestimated the strength of the local Norwegian skiing traditions.

Instead, Norway owns a would-be World Cup winner in record time, trained a new distance star for the next WC tournament in Anne Kjersti Kalvaa, and restores the joy and speed of wonderland Kristen Stafas-Skestad.

She is so fast that it was all quiet in Ski Sweden.

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