Snow causes problems – many closed mountain passes – Greater Oslo

Snow causes problems – many closed mountain passes – Greater Oslo

Convoy driving on mountain passes. Trees on the road and many traffic accidents.

Strong winds and snowfall have caused problems in many parts of the country.

No flights can land or take off from Oslo Airport.

– We had to close the runway for arrivals and departures from 10.20am this morning and we expect it to be closed until 2pm, says Austin Lower, press officer at Avinor.

It was Pinposton He was the first to report it.

FOLKSOMT: Many people wait for flights to take off at Oslo Airport.

Photo: Ivan Larson / NRK

Normal surgery is not safe

The reason is a combination of weather conditions. A lot of wet and heavy snow has fallen. Apart from that, strong winds are blowing in the area around Gardermon.

Øystein Løwer, press officer and senior advisor to Aviner

Press card: Østein Løwer at Aviner says it's unusual for them to close the runway for so long.

Photo: Avinar

– Thirdly, last night's rain is like ice under the snow. Lower says that a combination of three things means that it's not reasonable to do normal activities for a few hours now.

NRK's ​​reporter said the atmosphere on the flight was good despite the waiting time.


Silence: Many passengers have to wait before flights leave Oslo Airport.


Cars on a smooth road

Challenging driving conditions have already led to many traffic accidents and incidents.

– There is snow in many places, but teams are taking action. It will also be slippery on minor roads, and it will be windy in eastern Norway, says Kry Soli, a transport operator at the Swedish Road Administration.

Two cars collided on the E18 near Nøtterøy

Claude: A car spun and collided with another on Saturday morning on the E18 after Gullitunnelen in Dansberg. No one was injured.

Photo: Westfold Intermunicipal Fire Service

Vegtrafikksentralen says that there is heavy snow on the roads in many places in eastern and western Norway and windy conditions in some places.

  • Two cars collided on county road 770 at Årforbukta in Nærøysund shortly after 8am on Saturday. There were two adults and three children in the car. They were taken to hospital by air ambulance.
  • Around 9 a.m., a car ran off the road in Chor-Odel, and police are urging motorists in the area to drive carefully. An hour later there was another accident in Sør-Odal.
  • Emergency services are responding to a traffic accident on the E18 at Parkaker in Donsberg just before 10. Two cars were involved.
  • At around ten o'clock, fire crews were on the E18 northbound after Cullytunnellan, Dansberg. One car spun and crashed into another, causing no injuries.
  • Three vehicles have been involved in a traffic accident on the E18 near Undrumsdal in Tønsberg municipality.
  • National Highway 120 was partially closed after the accident. It is very slippery in that place.
  • The E18 is closed in the direction of Kristiansand in the lane. The tree needs to be removed as it is falling on the road.

Covered trek – food and blankets

Riksveg 7 Hardangervidda closed due to storm.

E134 Haukelifjell has a queue between Vågslid tunnel and Haukel tunnel due to weather.

There is convoy driving on county road 50 Hol-Orland, first convoy from Nilsegarden at 09:00 towards Øyestølen.

– If you are going to drive in the mountains, I recommend packing warm clothes, blankets and plenty of food. You can stop for a while, says transport operator Kjetil Gjøn.

County Road 50 Direction Hole

Snow: This is what it looks like at Vestradalen in Aktor on County Road at 50am.

Photo: Road Camera State Road Department

Three people fell into the tunnel

Strong winds have uprooted many trees and fallen onto many roads, Vegtrafiksentralen reports.

Three on the car.

Wind: An unlucky motorist was hit by a tree on his car at Brekke in Oslo on Saturday morning. Trees have fallen onto roads in many places in eastern Norway due to strong winds.

Photo: PhotoRunner AS

In Oslo, a tree fell on the tracks in the subway at half past seven. This means that all departures between Majorstuen and Østerås have been cancelled.

Sporveien says a bus will be on the route on Saturday morning.

A tree has also fallen on the road between Culresan and Vettakollan.

There is a bus on the route from Majorstuen to Holmenkollen and minibuses from Holmenkollen to Frognerseteren.

A tree has fallen on a car in Frogner, Oslo.

Frogner: A tree fell on several photos in Frogner, Oslo, after strong winds on 16 March 2024.

– There are reports of many trees falling. We assist the fire service with roadblocks and notify the Oslo Police at X.

Power failure

According to the impedance diagram Elvia At 11.30 am there was a power outage in six municipalities in Romeric.

In total, more than a thousand residents will be affected by power outages following snow and wind in the area.

A problem with historic skiing

The weather forecast for strong winds and rain has also caused problems for the games.

Vikersund 20240316. Windy and snowy in Vikersund ahead of Saturday's FIS World Cup ski flying race at Skiflygingsbakken on Vikersund HS 240.  Women's test round cancelled.  And the match has now been postponed till 10:30.  Photo: Keir Olsen / NTB

Windy: Wind and snow in Vikersund ahead of Saturday's FIS World Cup ski flying race.

Photo: Keir Olsen / NTB

The Birkebeinerrennen was due to start on Saturday, but was postponed due to weather.

The historic FIS World Cup ski race in Vikersund has also been postponed due to wind and snow.

On Saturday morning, there was supposed to be a trial round for women, but it has been cancelled. And the match has now been postponed till 10:30.

Significant avalanche risk in the north

There are also snow problems in the north. reports that there is an increased risk of avalanches in parts of northern Norway on Saturday.

An orange level warning, meaning a significant avalanche risk, applies to West-Finmark, Längen, Sør-Drams and Lofoten and Vesterlen.

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