Sophie Elise Essexen, Trondheim | Sophie Elise Isachsen changes her moving plans: she refuses to sell the apartment

Sophie Elise Essexen, Trondheim |  Sophie Elise Isachsen changes her moving plans: she refuses to sell the apartment

In recent months, Sophie Elise Isaksen (28 years old) has chosen Trondheim over the capital and the Skellebeek apartment. The influencer moved up north this summer to be with his girlfriend who lives there.

Trondheim seems to have fallen for Isaksen, and over the summer she hinted on social media that it was not tempting to leave her boyfriend and return to Oslo anytime soon.

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And she won’t either. The 28-year-old reveals to Nettavisen that there have been changes in her plans to move and that she will be staying in Trondheim for about another year.

Moves anywhere for type

On Wednesday evening, Isaksen was present at the farewell party organized by Isabelle Raad (28 years old), who will soon move abroad. There Isacshen did not hide the fact that she fell in love with Trondheim, and even more so with her boyfriend.

– We have a wonderful time together. He’s a very nice guy. I love him very much, says Isaksen, somewhat blushing.

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Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that Isaksen was in no hurry to move. She has extended her living situation, and will stay in Trondheim with her boyfriend until next summer.

– It was recently decided that I would stay there for a year. I will be there until June, instead of September, as I was supposed to, Isaksen told Netavien.

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Isachsen also revealed the transfer plans on his Instagram profile on Friday.

She doesn’t hide the fact that she thrives in Trondheim, but according to her it doesn’t matter where she lives, as long as she’s with her boyfriend.

– Trondheim is a great city, but I can move to Bø in Vesterålen if it’s for the right guy. So, because my friend lives there, she says and gives a soft smile.

In May, Isaksen revealed that she had found happiness again, with an old childhood sweetheart. They were lovers at the age of 15 and, according to Isaksen, have kept in touch for years.

On the other hand, the 28-year-old protected his girlfriend and did not name her, but showed some glimpses of him on social media.

He is an ordinary person and does not want to be in public. But at the same time, when you’re so in love, it’s hard not to post things, because you want to show them, Isaksen said on an episode of the podcast she previously shared with Fetisha Williams.

Apartment measures must be taken

Since Isachsen hasn’t been in Oslo much in recent months, her apartment has been mostly empty.

In 2021, Isachsen bought a 128 square meter apartment in Skillebekk, Oslo. fluEnserene shelled out NOK 13 million for the house, which has four rooms and a balcony.

In a short letter to Nettavisen, she wrote at the time that she hijacked her dream apartment:

It has everything and the location is excellent. It looks like an apartment that I can enjoy now, but also in ten years, said the 28-year-old.

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When Nettavisen spoke to Isachsen on Wednesday night, she said the apartment functioned as a sort of commuter apartment, but now that plans to move in have been extended, she is considering other measures.

– The plan is to rent out the apartment. I kept it until I had a commuter apartment, so I could carry on with that, too. But they’re expensive, Isaksen says.

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When asked if it is appropriate to sell the luxury apartment in Skillebekk, there is no doubt that it is not in the cards:

– no never. I love my apartment. Never, ever, never, notes Sophie Elise Isaksen.

But she still does not rule out returning to Oslo at some point in the future.

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