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Stans E18 Tvedestrand

Lastly: In the direction of Oslo, there is a stagnant line at E18 east of Akter. Trucks are parked at several locations in the area.

Bilberger is on his way to help the trucks.

– Many trucks are stuck. Heavy truck recovery requested. Due to the high traffic, it is time consuming and creates long queues. We recommend that people wait to drive this extension if possible, says Vegtrafiksentralen.

– Dungbergers are driving shuttle traffic in an attempt to open the road, Actor Police said.

A little further north on the E18, a chain was put on a lorry at Østerholtheia in the direction of Oslo, but it was possible to get there.

It was like this on E18 on Tvedestrand on Tuesday afternoon.

Closed for more than two hours

Traffic was halted on the eastbound E18 at the 66 exit on Lunde on Tvedestrand for more than two hours on Tuesday.

Vegtrafikksentralen encourages people on the roads in Agder throughout the afternoon to drive conditionally and pass sub-cars.

– Looks like there is a little bit of snow during the day. We expect contractors to gain more control as the day goes on, says Ole Martin Kjeldsen, transport operator at Vegtrafiksentralen.

Extended hazard warning

The engine of a trailer stopped at the E18 on Tvedestrand. In addition, many trucks have problems with the Grenstøl.

Police initially said he was stopped at 11:39 this morning.

There are also major problems on many local roads due to heavy snowfall.

  • Regarding the exit and access from the E18 on the Risør, there were long queues as cars and trucks had trouble getting there.
  • Traffic was also reduced at E39 on Nuland in Flekkefjord. The cause was a problem with the truck, according to the Road Traffic Center.
  • In the west of Birkland, Urtleswagen closed at Westray Mollstadt in Birkenau. The cause was a traffic accident at that location. It is not known if anyone was injured.
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The orange warning of heavy snowfall in Akhtar and Telemark has been extended and will now apply until Friday night.

On Monday, there was snowfall of up to 30 cm in some places and today it was about 40 cm in central and outlying areas. It provides difficult driving conditions and snowfall in the mountains.

I had to wet my feet

People at NessWerk in Dwightstrand say of a day marked by heavy snow.

According to Corey Bradston, it started in the morning when several family members were getting out of the car. They stopped the snow thrower and came to borrow.

He grabbed his legs as he went to the store. Getting there still was not so easy.

– This is so bad. There is ten centimeters of snow on the road and it is never plowed on the sidewalk.

He thinks some snowmobile drivers take on a little more work.

– If it gets too serious, they will not achieve everything. But we live in Norway and it needs to be done better.

Kåre Bredsten had to get his feet wet when he went to the store on Tuesday.

Photo: Benedict Goa Ludwigson / NRK

Elizabeth Dawson, store manager at the Joker Store in NessWerk, says there are only a handful of customers in the store today, but the number of people ordering items has increased.

We’ll chase it and try to get there, she says.

The edges of the plow made it difficult to get into the shop, but she says she constantly sees tractors.

She thinks the plow team is doing what they can.

– It is important to help each other

Retired Ole Jørgen Olsen thinks there is too much snow in the winter.

– If there is still half a meter in the next two days, it will be heavy.

He comes out with a snow blower and is engaged in the task of throwing it to the neighbor. He uses it to help them first, before he picks up his own plot.

– Says it is important to help each other when that is the case.

Agder Energi has warned that severe snowfall could lead to power outages. The pensioner does not care so much about it.

– VYou have prepared for us propane, wood burning and what it requires.

He points out that he too has a short way to go to the grocery store.

Increases readiness

Agder Energi is preparing for the ever-increasing snowfall in Sørlandet.

The company has increased its readiness to handle errors in the event of a power outage as a result of a storm.

Ole Jørgen Olsen

Ole Jர்கrgen Olson says it’s important to help each other.

Photo: Benedict Goa Ludwigson / NRK

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