South Africa, Omigron | Recent study at the Omigron Center with startling discovery

South Africa, Omigron |  Recent study at the Omigron Center with startling discovery

Three times more risky than beta and delta types.

On Wednesday, November 24, South Africa reported a new virus to the World Health Organization (WHO). This gave researchers two weeks to carefully study the Omigron variant. A variant called the “Frankenstein compound”. It has been shown to contain 50 documented mutations, including 32 related to spike protein, and the world is concerned about how it will affect our lives in the coming weeks.

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Researchers in South Africa have now come to a conclusion after an initial study, and the result raises good reason for concern. 2.8 million positive corona samples have been analyzed in the study, and this variant has been shown to have a peculiar ability to escape from the immune system. Washington Post.

Facts about the new corona variant omikron

* Omigron is a mutated version of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, which causes a disease called Govit-19.

* First detected in South Africa and reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) on November 24. The first confirmed case came from a sample taken on November 9th.

* There are 50 documented mutations, including 32 associated with spike protein. This spike protein helps to spread the virus among humans.

* Similar to alpha, beta, gamma and delta variants, the WHO has classified this variant as “worrying” and early findings show the risk of re-infection with this variant.

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* According to the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), no unusual symptoms have been reported so far among victims of the new variant. Many victims are asymptomatic.

* The National Public Health Agency reports in a risk report that this variant may be highly contagious, but it is unlikely to cause a more serious disease.

* The virus variant has many mutations that are known to give greater resistance to neutralizing antibodies, FHI points out. Several responses to this are expected in December.

* Cases of this variation have been reported in countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, with the exception of South Africa – Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

* Norway and many other countries have introduced entry restrictions from many countries in South Africa.

Sources: NTB, WHO, AFP, Government


Of the 2.8 million samples, researchers found that 35,670 were suspected of re-infection. Restart means you have had coronary heart disease before, but you are re-infected. The researchers compared the risk of recurrence with the new variant to three times higher than the risk of recurrence, comparing the Omigron variant with the corona variants beta and delta.

– There is epidemiological evidence for the ability of omigran to inhibit immunity from previous infections. According to The Washington Post, there is a timely and consistent risk, researchers have found.

Researchers also point to a number of unanswered questions. They do not have access to data on the immunity of individuals, so they cannot answer how much protection one gets against the fully vaccinated Omigran variant. There is still enough data to say something about the big picture.

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– Juliette Bulliam, an epidemiologist and one of the authors behind the study, says that vaccines provide even better protection against serious illness and death.

The most important task

Experts in South Africa are now working hard to find out as much as possible about Omigrans in a very short period of time. Harry Moultry, an infectious disease specialist, knows that the most important thing to do in the future is to look at Omigran’s ability to escape the immune system, both untouched and vaccinated. Washington Post.

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Professor Tulio de Oliveira, one of South Africa’s leading experts in this field, bluntly states:

– South Africa is unlikely to have seen a similar variation spreading so fast.

Mild symptom reports

However, if early observations and reports of mild disease prove to be true for a long time, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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– I’m not the only one saying that. I talked to other doctors in Atterridgeville, Mitrant and many other places, and they see exactly what I see. Angelique Coetzee, a physician in the capital Pretoria and chair of the South African Medical Association (SAMA) team, recently told the newspaper that the symptoms were mild and that was the most important news. Message24.

In its daily report on December 1, the European Infection Control Agency (ECDC) wrote, Omigron-infected disease film includes the following:

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“All cases in which severe information is available are asymptomatic or mild.”

FHI, for its part, is currently waiting for some results.

– We were informed that no one diagnosed with Omigran disease in Norway has been admitted to the hospital, said Line Vault, crisis manager for the FHI to NTB recently.

And she added:

– We do not know how you got sick from Omigran, so make a decision very soon.

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