Sports Store Stacks of Unused Skis – E24

Sports Store Stacks of Unused Skis – E24

Student finds container full of unused skis outside Intersport in Sogndal. The General Manager says there are items that cannot be delivered.

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Outside Sogndal Intersport, a large container stacked with unsold skis and bindings was found on Tuesday.

Student Magnus Russoi invented sports equipment.

Nursing student Magnus Russøy reacts to all the unused skis thrown away.

– There were enough new skis for an entire school class, he tells E24.

Russøy scuba dives and travels in a container to go through cargo. According to him, photographic documents seen by E24 showed that most of the items were unused and had price tags on them.

– I can't imagine the staff threw this away with a clear conscience. Rassoi says it hurts to watch.

– Old equipment

The equipment has been collected over the years, says Reider Gaut Twerkedal, General Manager of Intersport Choknel.

– There is a lot of old equipment, some of which dates back to 2010. There are complaints and equipment that cannot be repaired or bought new parts, he tells E24.

Among the equipment found in the container were unused Fischer brand skis.

He says it's the first time the store has thrown away that much at once, and they usually give a lot to charity. Dvergedal says the shop has several similar skis that they intend to give away.

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– These are items that are not delivered due to damage. Skis with a price tag are skis that have been in the shop for a long time.

Dvergedal says that the bindings that end up in the container are bindings that can no longer be used, and the children's skis are old models without bindings that cost the shop more than NOK 500 per pair to sell. .

Reidar Gaute Dvergedal, general manager at Intersport Sogndal, shows equipment that is outdated but intact and will be donated to charities or reused as parts.

The container has been rented and sent for recycling, he added. He says it will cost several thousand kroner to handle.

– We are keen to get it right. It can be disposed of in other waste. But when emptying parts of a basement, we choose to rent a container and do it right, he says.

– Are you recording this in any way?

– All complaints are registered and we take the goods out of stock. It is a part of accounting. Every year, many outdated products are recalled and discarded.

Intersport will review the guidelines

Andre Pedersen, Intersport's chain manager, has no specific statistics on how much material is thrown away this way. This is an in-store assessment.

– There are no firm central guidelines to which products should be given. Because it varies depending on which product cannot be sold. I see that we could have clear guidelines for dealing with defective goods and we will look at this internally, Pedersen told E24.

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Andre Pedersen at Intersport says the chain will review its guidelines.

He insists that Intersport Sogndal seem to have done the right thing in this regard.

– All our stores must comply with legal requirements for handling waste. In cases where the goods cannot be sold, they should be given away as much as possible, for example, to NGOs. If the goods have defects and must be thrown away, they must be destroyed in a proper manner.

– If we can't sell, we want to give what we can. A good focus is to throw away as little as possible in 2024.

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