Success is a heavy burden to bear – VG

Success is a heavy burden to bear - VG

(Bodu/Glimt-Gerf 5-0) Bodo/Glimt advanced to third in the table after 5-0 against Jerf. However, not everyone was completely satisfied after the big win.


It is always up to the individual player how we play as a team. When a single player doesn’t want to do what we agree on, the game doesn’t work either. But it’s okay, maybe it’s okay to experiment a little, Glimt captain Ulric Saltniss tells Discovery+.

North beat Jerf at home in Aspmera, but neither coach Saltnis nor Catel Knutsen was entirely satisfied. After five goals in 48 minutes, things have calmed down dramatically. It wasn’t because Glimt was complacent, but rather because some players didn’t do what they were asked.

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Success is a heavy burden for many. After that, it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground, but it’s a good exercise, says Saltins later in the interview with the rights holder.

After today’s hat-trick, the brilliant scorer of Eletserin, Amal Pellegrino, stands tall with 13 goals in 13 matches. In two of the matches, he came off the bench.

The Elite Series top scorer scored a hat-trick, while Victor Boniface and the aforementioned Saltens scored the other two goals. Kjetil Knutsen says the five-goal win is a step in the right direction, but there is no reason to give up.

He endorses Saltens’ assessment that “individual players prefer what they want rather than follow the plan,” but Gilmett’s coach did not want to mention them by name.

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– Doubt and see who’s number one and two with that in mind. We’ll talk about it during the break. We are very keen on them to do this, but not everyone can do it yet. It’s time for them to move out of elementary school and realize it’s one way to develop every day, Knutsen tells Discovery+.

It was Victor Boniface who opened the scoring for Glimt after 13 minutes of the match. Hugo Vettelsen went on the field and played with Boniface. The Nigerian followed him with a large crossbar in the corner of about twenty metres.

From there it was complete domination, and it was a little unreasonable for Glimt to wait until the 39th minute before the second goal came. However, it flowed.

First, Amahl Pellegrino managed to score 2-0 with an open goal after Glimt’s superb combinations. Two minutes later, Ulrik Saltnes made it 3-0 with a shot from a corner, before 4-0 was also a reality after Pellegrino scored his second penalty kick.

We are crazy about opportunities. It’s a lot of fun,” Glimt coach Knutsen told Discovery+ during the break.

Three minutes after the end of the first half, Pellegrino completed a hat-trick. Joel Mfuka made his way past the guerf players and finished off a corner. Gerf goalkeeper Austin Overvett saved with a powerful kick, but Pellegrino was the first to make the goal.

Glimt’s winger now has 13 goals in 13 games, of which he has come off the bench in two.

Amahl Pellegrino also caused havoc with HamKam in the final round of the series. Watch the goals here.

5-0 was also the final score after a second half that didn’t quite go as Knutsen and Saltnis envisioned.

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– It’s a very good first half, so the second half wasn’t very good. Maybe we’re a little disappointed with that performance, but overall, we’ve had very good energy from the start. That’s what decides the match, says Saltnis.

It was a very good step in the first half. We have matches against one goal and we score four great goals. ‘We’re unable to keep our feet fully on the throttle in the second round,’ says Knutsen, ‘but we can be happy that it’s a huge step in the right direction.

The victory meant that Bodø/Glimt overtook Viking and climbed to third at Eliteserien. They are five points behind my birth.

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