Suspended from the ceiling by hooks at the back

Suspended from the ceiling by hooks at the back

Some go further than others in the name of art. At least the artist Miguel Gontel Pimentel, 37, did, who shocked the public with a hideous stunt, he wrote TMZ.

– It was the wildest thing

The artist’s back was pierced with large metal hooks, before he was lifted into the air.

The 37-year-old was suspended in the air, with hooks attached to the leather of his back, as he sang the new song, titled “The Rope”.

See pictures below on this case.

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The show was performed on Friday, as part of a private mini-concert in Los Angeles. Two on-stage assistants helped the artist attach the hooks to the back.

Before the concert, which was also broadcast live, it was promised that Miguel would give a leading performance.

In an interview with Akbar Los Angeles Times Miguel explains the background to the stunt.

A bloody stunt that infuriates: - Cross the line

A bloody stunt that infuriates: – Cross the line

– At first I was a bit like this: “What’s the most extreme way to go out of the way? How far can I go to show how far I want to go in art? I can’t tell how far I’m willing to go until I have hooks.” In my back.

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Furthermore, the artist explains that physical pain was not the only challenge, and suggests that it was equally about inner fear.

– It was scary expertise And liberating the feeling of passing, because it is so associated with pain. Because what does pain really mean?

Not surprisingly, X (formerly Twitter) was flooded with reactions to the shocking performance.

Many people find it disgusting.

“If I wanted to see someone with hooks in their back, I would show a Saw movie.” Someone says: Miguel needs an “intervention”.

Shocked on the podium: - Speechless

Shocked on the podium: – Speechless

post writes:

“I won’t judge those of you who have private fetishes, but it hangs in the air like a bird feeder? It’s okay to be turned on by one and the other, but a hook in the back?”

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A third wrote: “I’ve slept on it for a few nights now, but I still can’t understand why it does this.”

The fourth, apparently They must have worked at the concert, for example, several of them vomited and fainted when the performer was lifted behind his back.

“I don’t know how to warn people here, but if you don’t like piercings, don’t look. People in the audience vomited and passed out (we had medics ready on site). But it was a pretty crazy experience to see Miguel being lifted with hooks while he was singing.”

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