Taking action on the Norwegian tourism gem

Taking action on the Norwegian tourism gem

Every year, one to two people suffer heart attacks while attending a sermon in Rogaland.

It informed Oftenbladet After a tourist died of a heart attack, about 300 meters from the emergency shelter at the site. The incident took place on August 23.

A defibrillator was previously removed from the bow. This was after the assessment that it would be better to have the Norwegian People’s Aid team with them on the route.

Now the newspaper announces the changes, and a new defibrillator will be installed at the site.

They have experienced vandalism

The defibrillator should be accessible to everyone and left outside.

– It will be kept in a cabinet with a heating element so that it can be used all year round, and can be used by anyone who goes to the pulpit, Arne Alsvik from Norwegian People’s Aid tells Talkbladet.

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Norwegian People’s Aid previously vandalized defibrillators placed in public places. And some have been stolen. However, Alswick doesn’t believe this will be a major problem in the pulpit.

– An SMS notification will be sent if the device is taken down from the wall. Then we and the urgent care center can investigate the cause, he explains.

will contribute

Local company Norsk Spennbetong is sponsoring Norwegian People’s Aid with a new defibrillator. They can help make sure people don’t die of heart attacks on their way to or from the sermon, as happened in August.

– We have an opportunity to help, and we want to show that we appreciate the wonderful work Norwegian People’s Aid is doing, operations manager Bård Hansen tells Dagbladet.

The device should be within two weeks.

– When we put a defibrillator in the landscape, it will be accessible to people, says Hansen.

Famous: Every year thousands of tourists visit the famous place. Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB
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Pending potential visitor registration

According to Oftenbladet This year, 337,000 tourists visited Palak. Viewership is starting to approach the record of 349,000 visitors in one year.

Camp noise: - need a little more

Camp noise: – need a little more

Even though it is moving towards the winter season, there are still a lot of tourists visiting and Helge Kellevold from the Prekestolen Foundation hopes to break this record.

– We think there will be more people in winter too. Norwegian People’s Aid manages this with defibrillators and emergency equipment. “If they have things they want to do, we’ll make sure they get what they need from us,” he tells the newspaper.

Ambulance Strand volunteers should talk to the foundation and the emergency room to identify risks and possible solutions.

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