Taxi driver hanged in nature reserve – youths accused of murder – Dajsavisen

Taxi driver hanged in nature reserve – youths accused of murder – Dajsavisen

In April, a man was found dead in the Hjälstaviken Nature Reserve, which is located in Öresundsbro in Enköping in Sweden. The man is believed to have been killed sometime between March 24 and April 1 this year. Two weeks later, four youths, a 15-year-old boy and girl and two 16-year-old boys, were charged with murder. The prison meeting was held on Thursday.

according to Aftonbladet The man was a taxi driver who went on a mission to a car park by Hjälstaviken.

Hjälstaviken is a nature reserve that includes Hjälstaviken and its surrounding areas in Enköping Municipality and Håbo Municipality in Sweden.

Get the information

Swedish police and prosecutors have been littered with information in this case. Prosecutor Moa Blomqvist does not want to delve into what exactly happened, and points to a duty of confidentiality in the preliminary investigation. But she says the issue is salient.

– It’s a very unusual situation. Blomqvist tells the newspaper that it is unusual that so many suspects and young people have been detained without our prior knowledge.

According to information provided to Aftonbladet, the man must have been hanged. It is unclear how the youths communicated with the taxi driver or what motive they might have had for the crime he is now suspected of committing.

Search for evidence

Express He writes that the supposed crime scene is the Hjälstaviken Nature Reserve, between Enköping and Bålsta, a well-known bird lake with a bird tower. Also a local newspaper Enkopings-Posten It was reported that the police removed a car covered in snow near the discovery site, which residents questioned.

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– It looked like a taxi, there were stickers with taxi prices on them, says one of the witnesses P4 upgrade. According to the channel, the body was found near the Bird Tower.

Police are now searching the area with patrol dogs and drones.

Although a long time has passed since the supposed murder, there is hope for new discoveries.

– Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been easy, says Blomqvist to the local newspaper.

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