October 3, 2022


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Skyting på T-banestasjon i Brooklyn i New York

Ten Shots, Several Wounded in New York Attacks – Not Investigated as Terrorism – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Five people were seriously injured after a man attacked a subway car in Brooklyn during the morning rush hour.

A total of ten people were shot, and a total of 16 people were injured.

Two politicians say CNN that a pistol was found at the subway station where a metro car stopped,

Several stores of ammunition for automatic weapons were also found.

Police sources also say they also believe the weapon was spilled during the shooting.

“No one is life threatening,” Police Chief Kishant Sewell told a news conference.

The police do not investigate the incident as an act of terrorism, and at the same time do not know the motive behind the attack.

We received a description of the perpetrator as being African American. He was wearing a jacket that made him look like a worker, says the police chief.

to The New York Times A spokesman for New York University Langone Hospital in Brooklyn said eight people were being treated for gunshot wounds and smoke inhalation.

The offender is at large

– This man is still at large and very dangerous. We’re asking people to be vigilant, says Governor Cathy Hochhol.

She says the authorities will use all the resources they have.

Emergency services outside the entrance to the subway station where at least 13 people were shot in New York.

Photo: John Minchillo / AP

The suspect was inside a subway car and started shooting inside. When the train entered the station, he put on a gas mask and detonated a smoke bomb. Then he started shooting, says the police chief.

The attack is said to have taken place on a southbound subway just after stopping on 25th Street. After the doors were closed, the suspect was said to have thrown smoke grenades and started shooting, he writes abc7.

– We have not identified the suspect, says Police Chief Sewell.

Videos from eyewitnesses show how the subway stops at the station on 36th Street, doors open, smoke leaking, and stunned passengers.

The suspected perpetrator New York Post Maybe he’s wearing an MTA worker’s uniform. MTA is the company that operates the New York Subway.

Chaos was immediate, as many wounded fell out of the subway car and were helped by other passengers. Others fled in panic.

Collaborating with the FBI

The FBI writes at the scene of the accident to help the police in New York News letters.

An FBI source says they are assisting police in New York and that it is currently not clear if the shooting was linked to terrorism.

The FBI and NYPD Combined Terrorism Task Force lead more than 50 agencies, and we are fully engaged in this investigation. It’s still at an early stage, Michael Driscoll, assistant director of the FBI in New York, told the press.

A subway station in Brooklyn, where many were killed Tuesday morning local time.

Also bombing squads and so-called rapid intervention team Moved, Fox5 and BBC write.

Brooklyn shooting

Police investigate suspicious objects at a New York subway station.

Photo: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

He talks about utter panic

Subway captain Yv Montano spoke CNN. He was in the van that was said to have been shot.

– There was a lot of blood dripping on the floor. When it happened, I didn’t realize it was shooting, because it looked like fireworks, Montano told CNN.

– All I saw was people trampling on each other, trampling on each other, trying to get to the closed door. And a lot of panic.

Montano estimates that up to 50 people were in a subway car with him. He hid trying to help an old woman hide.

– I was at the front of the third wagon and it all happened in the back of the same wagon. Once the smoke caught on, Montano says, he swallowed everything.

Police with dogs at the Brooklyn subway station in New York, where several people were shot dead Tuesday.

Police with dogs at the Brooklyn subway station in New York, where several people were shot dead Tuesday.

Photo: Spencer Platt/AFP

Inform President Biden

President Joe Biden has been informed of the shooting, his spokeswoman Jen Psaki wrote Twitter.

She also wrote that White House staff are in touch with the mayor and chief of police in New York to provide assistance if they need it.

The two ministries said Justice Minister Merrick Garland and Security Minister Alejandro Mallorcas had been briefed on the matter.

The number of shootings in New York has risen from 260 at the same time last year to 296 so far this year, he writes. New York times.

Governor Cathy Hochhol expressed her frustration at the press conference.

No more mass shootings. No more life destruction. There must be an end. It’s over now. We are tired and boring, she said.

Schools are closed

It was reported that schools near the metro station closed their doors for safety reasons and detained students inside abc7.

American schools have routines for how to handle mass shootings.

at Washington Post Sunset Park, where the shooting took place, is described as a very multicultural neighborhood, and a highway for those traveling from Brooklyn.

Resident Prima Ruiz told the newspaper she realized something had happened when large crowds came streaming from the metro station, not far from where she lives.

Nothing shocks me anymore in New York, but I’ve never seen this before. There were ambulances that rushed with people, and they had to close the school located here, Ruiz says.

Increases safety in public transport

Major US public transportation companies are asking people to report anything unusual after the New York subway shooting.

Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. all reported that they are increasing the level of security, according to CNN.

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