Tesla Model 3 crashed into a police car – using autopilot

Tesla Model 3 crashed into a police car - using autopilot

The driver of a Tesla Model 3 car collided with a police car and a Mercedes SUV on Saturday.

She told police officers that the car was in autopilot mode – Tesla’s advanced assistance system. The accident did not result in injuries or deaths. The accident occurred in Orlando, Florida.

The investigation into the accident is not yet complete, and it remains to be seen whether Tesla’s autopilot system was the cause of the accident or whether it contributed.

According to a statement from the Florida Highway Patrol, a police car stopped along the road to help the driver of a 2012 Mercedes GLK 350 whose engine had stalled.

This is what the police car looked like after the accident. Photo: Florida Highway Patrol

The accident occurred at the same time that Tesla is under investigation by federal authorities in the United States over its autopilot system. The self-driving system has served as the background for many accidents around the world.

According to the investigation, the collisions resulted in 17 injuries and one death in recent years.

Tesla has autopilot as standard equipment on all of its newer cars. The company also sells driving assistance systems under the name Full Autonomous Driving (FSD). FSD costs $10,000 and $199 per month in the US.

According to Norway’s Tesla website, the upgraded autopilot will cost NOK 29,800 and future self-driving jobs will cost NOK 59,600.

When using driver assistance autopilot or FSD, it is important to always follow it when sitting behind the wheel.

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