Tesla Supercharger V4 – New graphics will reveal Tesla’s big plans

Tesla Supercharger V4 - New graphics will reveal Tesla's big plans

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(Elbil24): In July Elbil24 wrote about it New Tesla charger. a favour Electric Then among those who wrote that the design of the V4 was revealed next.

Regarding the planning for a new supercharger station in Danvers, Massachusetts, Tesla has attached drawings of what they themselves refer to as an “alternative Tesla Supercharger pole.”

The graphics showed a new charging function appearing on top of the current V3 chargers. At the same time, the large hole in the middle disappeared. Instead, the cable is attached to the side, and looks noticeably longer than the V3. This increases flexibility, which can benefit other car brands.

new sketches

Now — in connection with the construction of a new charging station in the Juma area of ​​Arizona — new floor plans have emerged.

Twitter user MarcoRPTesla, who calls himself an expert on Tesla’s Supercharger, has revealed an app build for what will be Tesla’s first V4 Supercharger station.

Solar energy

According to Marko, the charging station will accommodate 40 cars. The floor plan also shows that many charging points will be adapted for cars with trailers.

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It’s interesting that Tesla’s new charging station appears to finally be based on solar power. Tesla founder Elon Musk has promised for several years that Tesla will eventually power all of its Supercharger stations with power from the sun and batteries.

The long-term goal is to disconnect most charging stations from the mains. The floor plan of the new charging station in Arizona shows two solar arrays. This will fill a “megapack” battery pack with a full capacity of three megawatts

Increases charging speed

Tesla and Elon Musk previously said that the company plans to increase maximum power to 300-350 kW on future superchargers (from 250 kW on current V3 chargers).

Several sources speculate that the new V4’s more massive design is an indication that this supercharger is more powerful than the current supercharger.

The new charger is expected to be able to provide a charging speed of up to 350 kW. Today, Audi and Porsche lead the way with a charging speed of 270 kW, ahead of the Tesla (250 kW), Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 (235 kW).

Running in Norway

In this country, there are already some who offer solar energy as a charging solution. The newly opened Inspiria Ladepark, powered in part by locally produced electricity from a large solar cell system, is connected to a very large 500 kWh battery.

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The charging stand uses solar energy and a large battery to charge up to 37 electric cars. This means, among other things, that shipping is cheaper, the company behind it is.

Read more about the exciting charging station here:

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