The 10 Most Wanted Skills Needed in the Future

The 10 Most Wanted Skills Needed in the Future

The job market is expected to change drastically in the future, and focusing on jobs that will disappear is becoming increasingly important. In particular, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) applications has revolutionized the world.

It became known yesterday that tech giant IBM has halted hiring in part because the CEO believes that 30 percent of employees will be replaced by artificial intelligence and automation within a five-year period.

A recent study by the World Economic Forum confirms that significant changes will occur in the labor market. The survey, which is based on input from 800 companies that employ more than 11 million people, concluded that a quarter of jobs will change over the next five years, according to CNBC.

“The transition to increasingly advanced technology and increased digitization will lead to a significant decline in the labor market,” says the report.

These qualities are becoming more important

Creative thinking is expected to be the most important skill in the future, followed by analytical thinking and technological proficiency.

“Soft skills,” such as curiosity, continuous learning, flexibility, flexibility, and agility, are also expected to become increasingly important to workers, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively, according to CNBC.

On the other hand, physical skills are expected to become less important in the future.

“Compared to previous surveys, the survey shows that creative thinking has increased in importance compared to analytical thinking as workplace tasks become increasingly automated,” the report says.

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