The actor in Ronja Røverdatter is unrecognizable

The actor in Ronja Røverdatter is unrecognizable

Many of them have a close relationship with Astrid Lindgren’s books, as well as the films adapted from them.

Now fans can rejoice because Ronja Røverdatter’s story has gotten a new look this year.

-I hope to see my grandchildren before I die

The role of Runja Mathis’ older and wiser thief father, Skalle-Per, is played by actor and comedian Johan Olvesson (69).

On that occasion, Olvesson had to be replaced beyond recognition.

The comedian’s extreme transformation was done by makeup artist Anders Pratas.

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– It is strange to see yourself like this, this is what the actor admits in the program “After Fem” on TV4, according to what he said. Express.

-I think it looks very good. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of this.

When asked how it was to play a character that many people associate with, Ulveson answered the following:

– There will certainly be many opinions on this topic.

-I became unsure whether I was still heterosexual

-I became unsure whether I was still heterosexual

Olvesson has participated in a number of Swedish films, including “Yrrol – En kolossalt genomtänkt film”, as well as series such as “Lorry”, “Elk meg” and “Bonusfamilien”.

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The original film about the mischievous robber’s daughter was released in 1984. At that time, it was Hannah Zetterberg who got the main role as Ronja and Alan Edwall who played Skalle-Per.

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