The air raid led to the longest taxi ride of all time: over 530 km driven

The air raid led to the longest taxi ride of all time: over 530 km driven

The saying “one man’s death is another man’s bread” fits well with the taxi company in Tromsø, which was tasked with air raids.

After the flight from Tromsø was canceled on Wednesday, a large travel group decided to seek alternative transportation, leading to a five-car long trip to Tromsø Taxi.

– We got an inquiry to transport a large group to Bodo. “Our employees are out on their own to find the cars that need the job,” Steiner Nilsson, general manager of Tromsø Taxi, tells TV 2.

The journey to Bodo is over 530 kilometers.

It was Nordlys newspaperHe was the first to mention the case.

Main task: Steinar Nilsen, general manager of Tromsø Taxi, says that they often receive tasks with long journeys. Photo: Nils Ole Refvik / TV2

It took almost nine hours

It didn’t take long for the big party to grab a bite.

– The boys at work had no difficulty in praying and accepted the challenge. They put up with five cars at the airport for a while, and then it was time to start the long journey, Nilsson says.

In total, the trip took about 8.5 hours plus breaks, says the general manager.

– It is demanding to drive such a trip and you get tired of sitting for a long time, but there are good people – at least not taking on such a challenge – who will make an amazing effort, Nilsson says.

Customers should also be satisfied with this service and give good feedback to the drivers.

An expensive affair

The long journey was conducted at a regular rate, according to Nielsen, so it is impossible to comment on exactly how much the final amount was.

– I don’t have the exact figures, but a deal was made on it. With a journey of over 500 kilometers this is clearly a significant amount.

A Northern Norwegian newspaper has made a rough calculation:

“According to a quick estimate of Tromsø Taxi’s daily fares, a car from the airports in the cities costs approximately NOK 14,355. As a starting point, five cars would cost a total of NOK 71,775, excluding breaks and tolls,” Nordlis writes.

– They probably won’t miss much, and that’s not far from the truth, but we can’t say who was in the traveling party or the details, Nilsson says.

Luggage in 20 seconds

This is not the first time that Tromsø Taxi has received such a task.

– This is something we do often and there are more and more inquiries. Some prefer to drive an electric car on long trips because they care about the environment — and choose to do so on airplanes, Nilsen says.

A green choice that will please the daily leader.

The taxi company commented on the creative solution on their own Facebook page, and they have a fun invite for anyone considering a similar trip.

– We sympathize with all those who are now stranded due to the strike. Fortunately, there are solutions! Yesterday we drove a taxi column with five of our taxis from Tromsø to Bodø with airplane passengers, it says in the introduction of the post.

– “Flight time” approx. 9 hours is a bit long, but you can get your luggage in about 20 seconds, and nothing needs to be straightened behind the seat, the company also writes.

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