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A new species of giant carnivorous dinosaur has been discovered during excavations in Argentina.

The new dinosaur species has been named “Meraxes gigas”.

The dinosaur fossil shows that it was 11 meters long and was supposed to weigh more than 4 tons, and is 45 years old, according to study published in the journal Current Biology.

Reminiscent of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Meraxes is described as a carnivorous dinosaur with a huge head and short front legs. It belonged to a bipedal species called theropod.

It has been compared to Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the most famous carnivores that lived near the end of the last century. Chalk time.

Excavations were conducted in northern Patagonia, Argentina.

Placement: Paleontologist Peter Makovicki’s drawing with fragments of the fossil.

Photo: AKIKO SHINYA / Reuters

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Most preserved skull

According to researchers, it must be one of the best-preserved skulls of a large carnivorous dinosaur that has ever been excavated.

Miraxis Gegas

Short arms: an illustration of what Meraxes gigas should have looked like. – It is hard to imagine that the arms were used so much, because they would not have reached the huge mouth, says Makovsky.

Photo: Carlos Papulio/Reuters

The length of the skull is 127 cm.

Many of the bones of the face and skull were covered with spurs and grooves, giving it a tangled, medieval appearance. MughalPaleontologist and co-author Pete Makovicki of the University of Minnesota says.


Massive Head and Jaw: The dinosaur had a large head but short arms. The dinosaur is said to have died when it was around 45 years old, according to researchers.


1 meter long arms

Despite the large physique, the length of the arms was only 60 cm.

– It is hard to imagine that the arms were used so much, because they would not have reached the huge mouth, says Makovsky.

The skeleton shows that the arms had strong muscles.

“I tend to think it was used for other types of activities, such as keeping the female during mating or helping to raise the body from a lying position,” says co-author and researcher Juan Ignacio Canal.

The fossil gives scientists a lot of new information, and it is in excellent condition.

Skeletal regions, such as the arms and legs, helped us understand changes in the nature and anatomy of Carchardodontosarids, the group to which Meraxes gigas, Canale belong.

Meraxes is named after a dragon from the fantasy series “Song of Ice and Fire” that inspired the TV show “Game of Thrones.”


Excavation Location: The fossils were excavated in northern Patagonia, Argentina.

Photo: Peter Makovicki/Reuters

Miraxis Gegas

Best preserved: According to researchers, it must be one of the most preserved skulls of a carnivorous dinosaur ever excavated.

Photo: Juan Canale/AFP

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