The British Royal Family: – The feedback is pouring in

The British Royal Family: - The feedback is pouring in

And on Tuesday evening, the British prince shared, Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40)a photo on their official Instagram account representing this year’s Christmas card.

The entire family is in the picture, and the whole group is walking down a dirt road in green surroundings but with big smiles on their faces.

Parents walk to the side, while children George (9), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4) walk in the middle.

It’s no surprise that the royals send Christmas cards, but lately they have been stormed the british royal family – Many thanks to little brother Prince Harry (38) and his wife, Duchess Meghan (41), in a new Netflix documentary.

Storm: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have seen a storm in recent years. Now comes a new trailer for the documentary where they both speak. Video: Netflix
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In the documentary, they repeatedly punched the royal house, but also members of the royal family – Including William.

Now royal fans have taken to the comments section below the Christmas card and made it clear which side they are on in this royal split.

“When they go low, we go high,” someone writes, and this person isn’t alone in sending punches in Harry and Meghan’s direction:

“You can see they are out there doing their job and working towards something better. It’s sad that Harry and Meghan want to destroy it.”

dance: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan talk about their first dance as husband and wife. Video: Netflix
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“I’d like to see a Netflix documentary about this family.”

“America is rooting for this royal family.”

“It is this dignity and class of this family where Harry sells his soul. Do you love William and Kate.”

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