The car was covered with bubble wrap

The car was covered with bubble wrap

“When Jürgen went on the Danish boat. She disappeared very quickly, you could say… ”, wrote Camilla Astorp Andersen (41 years old), aka”training ladyOn Instagram last week.

This was the first time the family had to take a ferry to Denmark, when my parents’ son was taking part in the Dana Cup soccer tournament in Hjørring, Denmark.

special method

To prevent damage to the car during the trip on the ferry, Jørgen Aastorp came up with a rather innovative solution.

The influencer shared a photo and video with her husband’s 135,000 followers who started covering the car with bubble wrap.

Then Andersen “escaped” from the scene within a few seconds.

– I’ve never heard or seen anyone do anything similar. Suddenly he took out the bubble wrap and started covering the car. It was a bit awkward, and I quickly left after seeing what he was doing, says Aastorp Andersen to Dagbladet, before continuing:

– But at the same time, I understand him very well. The more I thought about it, the more I supported his decision. I understand it one hundred percent, because it was too tight on the tires between the cars. After all, repairing a scratch costs a lot.

Romerix Blade I have already discussed this issue.

positive feedback

When Andersen published the post about her husband’s invention, her sister called and asked if it was all a PR stunt.

– I had to answer that he did it very seriously, says the 41-year-old with a laugh.

She says that everyone who comments on the post writes that they support the idea of ​​the man.

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It’s smart to just take care of your stuff, and then it lasts longer, says Andersen.

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