The FBI found eleven classified documents at Trump’s home – VG

Invitation: Former President Donald Trump is calling on his website, the Truth Social, for the search warrant to be published.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the FBI found several classified documents during a search of Donald Trump.


On August 9, the FBI searched Donald Trump’s Florida property, Mar-a-Lago, by order of the US Attorney, Merrick Garland. This has never happened before for a former president of the country.

According to the Washington Post, the research background should, among other things, be one Suspected that Donald Trump kept secret documents About nuclear weapons in his house.

The Wall Street Journal Reports indicate that the FBI found eleven classified documents during the search.

Watch Trump search through surveillance cameras

According to The Independent Donald Trump and his family are said to have watched the search take place through his security cameras in his home. This was stated by his lawyer Christina Pope.

“I think Trump and his family have a better overview of what happened during the research than I did, and I was there when it happened,” Bob is said to have said in an interview with The real America’s voice.

The law applies to everyone: On Wednesday night, US Attorney Merrick Garland said he personally authorized a search, stressing that the law applies to everyone.

FBI agents are said to have been searching for documents related to nuclear weapons. Sources say so Washington Post.

On his website, the Truth Social, Trump claims that these allegations are nonsense.

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– The thing about nuclear weapons is just nonsense, just like Russia, Russia and Russia. Russia was a hoax, the trial was a hoax, and Mueller’s investigation is a hoax.

Newspapers are produced by Radical Left Democrats

The search warrant is seen as so controversial that both The Justice Department and Trump are calling for the matter to be made public.

“I will not object to the publication of documents relating to the non-US, unjustified and unnecessary break-in and burglary on my home,” Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social website.

Trump calls on the site for the immediate release of the documents.

This is despite the fact that Trump himself claims that it was his opponents who produced the documents:

The documents were produced by far-left Democrats and potential future political rivals, who have a strong interest in attacking me, the former president wrote.

It is not clear whether a possible release of the documents on Friday will be clarified.

On Friday, Nancy Pelosi said it was important to determine how serious these documents were believed to be kept by Trump.

– I think it is important to know the seriousness of the contents of the documents. She said I hope we find out more, but we also don’t want to know too much because it might threaten our safety According to CNN.

She is also said to have said the information appeared to be top secret, well above “top secret”.

Crucial: Kevin McCarthy answers media questions about the research on Friday.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy also wants the Department of Justice to publish more than just a search warrant.

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Why don’t they just publish the documents? McCarthy said you want to trust public bodies, and that secrecy undermines that trust.

Asked if the release of the documents might justify the search, McCarthy said:

– We just have to see what it is.

According to CNN, the search warrant will contain logistical information: the location of the search, a description of what is being sought, the name of the judge and the deadline for the search.

Sometimes attachment to suspected crimes may also be included. The second document is a table of contents describing the items that were removed.

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