September 26, 2022


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Hurtigruten gikk på grunn med skipet «Richard With» ved Sognefjorden.

The Hardigruden ship MS “Richard with” a “blackout” and ran aground at Ytre Steinsundet in Gulen – NRK Westland.

MS “Richard With” The beach ran aground on Ytre Steinsundet in Solund on the morning of Friday 5 August.

Chaos aboard the ship with 67 crew members led to a major rescue operation. Several hours later, at 15:37 the ship floated off the ground when the sea rose.

For media, there’s Hurtigruten Previously designed as a steering wheel that disappearedDue to “technical system error”.

On Friday, NRK was granted access to the report submitted by Hardikruten at the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

It turns out that steering is not the only thing hidden in the narrow strait.

“While sailing south through Steinsunded, the vessel lost rudder and propulsion due to blackout. As a result, the vessel turned to starboard and the bow of the vessel struck the ground,” Hurtigruten writes in the report.

Further, the incident is classified as a “near miss with risk to life, major property damage or serious pollution”.

May have regained control

The ground shock only extended beyond the ship, which sustained minor damage.

A “blackout” means a ship loses both rudder And Engine power means everything on board goes black.

– Underground disturbance occurs due to failure of technical system. It’s easier for the general public to understand than to use that technical term, says Darjei Gramviken, press officer at Hardikruten.

In the event of a power failure on such a vessel, emergency power must be available within 30 seconds so that the crew can obtain power to the engines and control progress.

Hardikruten did not respond to NRK’s ​​questions about how long the blackout lasted and whether the emergency system was kicked in to resume progress.

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According to the report, the grounding occurred at 09.00 hours and the speed at the time of accident was recorded as 10 knots.

– Kramviken says the ship sank because we lost control.

Photo: Arne Stubak / NRK

There was a new propulsion system

After docking at the Myklebust shipyard in Sunmore, the ship was heading south towards Bergen.

There, the ship has been converted to hybrid propulsion. Hardikruten has launched an internal investigation into the incident and would not comment on whether the reconstruction was responsible for the “blackout”.

– Kramviken says it is too early to make a decision about the cause beyond what we have already reported to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

At the same time, the Norwegian Maritime Directorate is carrying out its own inspection of the ship to find out what happened. They would not comment on the findings during the investigation.

According to the plan, the ship, built in 1993, should be in normal traffic on August 9. It has now been postponed to August 20.