The Lovers is a trailer of the rom com Sky

The Lovers is a trailer of the rom com Sky

When the series arrives in the Belfast setting, a curated version of one person seems to fit in perfectly with another and could be completely perfect

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it’s coming Lovers, a romantic comedy showcasing a Sky Original setting in Belfast, is a take on the format of people who seem to totally fall head over heels for others and can be completely perfect. Equally nervous and entertaining, Janet, a Belfast supermarket cashier who imports nothing, is buying her life. Seamus is instead a brilliant, selfish journalist with a perfect life in London and a famous girlfriend. When Seamus was unexpectedly (literally) blown into Janet’s world, he would immediately seek her out, but he would unmistakably discover more attraction.

The cast of the series consists of Johnny Flynn, Seamus, Róisín Gallagher, Janet, Alice Eve, Frankie, Conleth Hill, Philip, Simon Paisley-Day, Tim, Evelyn Miller, Ndidi and Jane Murray as Gemma. The Lovers series consists of 6 episodes and is available exclusively on Sky Serie e on demand with all episodes available November 4, 2023.

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