The musical girls from Bergen won Norway’s Got Talent

The musical girls from Bergen won Norway’s Got Talent

The musical girls from Bergen won Norway’s Got Talent.

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The musical girls escaped with Norski Talenter winning.

The adventure began when the Stronen-Dam sisters had an argument on a plane ride. The mother asked them to go out and play. This was the beginning of his musical career.

“Then we had the idea of ​​putting on a Christmas musical,” says one of the sisters, Cecilia.

It became “Julens Magi” which was shown in Cornerteateret.

Since then, they have created three shows. And they have plans for at least two more.

After finding Musikaljente’s Instagram account in March, producers of TV Norge and the Discovery+ show Norske Talenter reached out.

- In the final, we will show a large number of the musicals that we are writing.  Right now, it only has a working title, but the song is called

Cecilia Strunen Damm (24) read the message herself in Musikaljente’s Instagram inbox. There, a production staffer for TV Norge and the Discovery+ program Norske Talenter asked if she could be contacted.

– They asked us if we would have the opportunity to come to the casting in one week. “None of us live in Bergen at the moment, so we had to get around,” Cecilia told BT on Wednesday.

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– Incredibly grateful

On Friday, they won the entire competition.

“I’m very, incredibly grateful,” said Mathilde Stronen Dame from the stage after the win became a reality.

Sisters Selma Indin (21) and Mathilde Stronen Damm (22) are behind Musikaljente. As the name suggests: they produce musicals, and have been doing so since 2012.

– I think it was a great opportunity to showcase our musical works. “And of course a chance to show us outside of Bergen as well,” Ciesila said on Wednesday before the final.

The sisters have had to balance studies and competition lately. Cecilia and Selma study music in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their middle sister, Mathilde, is studying film directing in Southampton, England.


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