The Russians admit to using tear gas in Ukraine: – Using it to create panic

The Russians admit to using tear gas in Ukraine: – Using it to create panic

A Russian general admitted via the Telegram app to using tear gas against Ukrainian soldiers to get them out of the trenches. It is forbidden in war


  • This was announced by the 810th Marine Infantry Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet cable They started dropping CS gas against Ukrainian forces.
  • They later removed this information, according to ISW (Institute for the Study of War).
  • CNN previously reported the same thing, interviewing Ukrainian soldiers who claimed to have been subjected to tear gas.

– They deleted this – perhaps in an attempt to hide what could be a deliberate violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, he writes ISW.

In the original version, which was screenshotted, the brigade is stated to have adopted a “radical change in tactics” against Ukrainian soldiers in Krynki in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

They started dropping K-51 grenades on Ukrainian positions. According to ISW, the K-51 aerosol bombs are filled with the irritant CS gas.

With the help of tear gas, Ukrainian soldiers are said to have been pushed out of their hiding places in the trenches.

It is a type of tear gas usually used by police to combat riots. But in war it is forbidden In accordance with the Chemical Weapons Convention. The United States was criticized at the time for The use of tear gas in the Vietnam War.

  • On Friday, Russia carried out what experts described as the largest attack in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Read more about it here.

Last week, CNN quoted a Ukrainian intelligence officer as saying that the Russians were using CS gas against Ukrainian soldiers.

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-CS causes severe irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes of the nose, mouth/pharynx, and upper respiratory tract, as well as to the skin. The irritation effect occurs immediately. She says most symptoms disappear 15 to 30 minutes after exposure ends

The short effect may be enough: A Ukrainian soldier tells CNN they had to escape from their hideout in a trench after being gassed.

From the trenches, soldiers were no longer protected in the same way.

She says there have been nine cases of such attacks in recent weeks.

– Gas is used to create panic, followed by conventional artillery attacks or drone attacks, soldiers told CNN.

Famous Russian military blogger Swipe on Telegram Indirectly, the 810th Marine Infantry Brigade for revealing the new tactic.


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