Nature and Environment, Lottery | Someone wrote Maren's name on a milk card – winning NOK 10,000

Nature and Environment, Lottery |  Someone wrote Maren's name on a milk card – winning NOK 10,000

Every year Grønt Punkt Norge offers prizes called Returkartonlotteriet, where you can write your name and number on your drink carton in hopes of winning.

There were a total of 14 winners from Innlandet this year, but one stood out the most. Maren Lundby received a phone call from Horizont, which distributes the gift on behalf of Grønt Punkt Norge in Gjøvik and Toten.

Lundby himself did not participate, so someone else wrote his name.


– Lundby says in a press release that I am very interested in who gave me the cardboard box with my name on it.

He says he hasn't participated since elementary school, so it's funny that someone else did it for him to win.

Lundby was presented with the prize by Toren Pyro at Horizon. And she hopes more people will sign their name and number.

– It is not always easy to find cardboard boxes with names and numbers, so we want more people to participate, he says.

Total in Innlandet two winners Lillehammer, two winners Ringebu, two winners Stange, two winners Østre one win from Toten, one win from Grue, one from Sør-Odal, one from Gran, one from Åmot, one from Vestre. Slider and one from Alvadal.

A school in Østre Toten also received NOK 10,000.

NOK 1.6 million

Lottery manager Gunnar Moen says that in recent years it has distributed NOK 1.6 million to 124 winners and four draws per year.

– Giving gifts to nurseries, schools or other NGOs is a great pleasure, says Moen.

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The Return Garden Lottery has been in existence since 1997 and is operated by Krondpunkt Norge on behalf of Norsk Ridderkartong.

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