The special vehicle will help the auto mechanic learn how to operate the new technology – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – local news, TV and radio

The special vehicle will help the auto mechanic learn how to operate the new technology – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – local news, TV and radio

It may look like a toy car, but it’s worth its weight in gold in the future.

Students in Technology and Industry at Færder High School got a custom-built electric car to power them.

This is good news for students, but also for the auto industry itself.

– the future

Many students will soon enter the job market, and there are more and more electric cars on the customer list of auto workshops.

Although more and more people have purchased electric cars in the past 10 years, electric cars did not enter the teacher’s curriculum until 2022.

The job market for young people choosing Auto Studies looks good in the coming years, and companies are ready for apprenticeships, reports the Trade Journal. Auto industry.

Research at NAV also shows that there are many vacancies in workshops across the country.

– There are many electric cars in Norway, so it’s good to have such training, says Karl Chen.

He believes this is the future.

Carl Chen has already secured a permanent job.

Photo: Philip Hofgaard/NRK

He has just graduated as an auto mechanic, and has already secured a permanent job at Bilservice in Tønsberg.

The purpose-built electric vehicle is of a type of which there are quite a few currently.

Charging is straightforward and with less effort than normal electric cars.

The ticket price is NOK 600,000

Teacher Morten Merkisvik Ludwigsen believes that the car will be important for teaching.

Adds opportunity to be able to present teaching in a clear manner. Shows how systems are built, he says.

Electric vehicle training drives average

Electric motors can be complicated. Then it is useful to have a good overview of the teaching.

Photo: Philip Hofgaard/NRK

Usually, the wires and everything related to the electric motor are encased under the hood or on the underside of the vehicle.

– Then it is difficult to understand how it works, Ludwigsen explains.

The cost of the car was NOK 600,000, and it was financed through funds from the county council.

frame from a friend, The bodywork has been removed to make the components visible.

the engine It may have belonged to an electric golf cart.

Missing persons

The auto industry practically calls for people with that kind of experience.

This is confirmed by Morten Erik Abrahamsen, Service Market Manager at Bilservice in Tønsberg.

Morten Erik Abrahamsen is Director of Service Marketing at Bilservice Tønsberg

Morten Erik Abrahamsen, Director of Service Marketing at Bilservice in Tønsberg.

Photo: Philip Hofgaard/NRK

– In principle, all new cars delivered today have some kind of electric. Whether it be hybrids or all-electric variants. That’s why it’s important to us that those who work here are well versed in electric vehicles, he says.

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