The super yacht has been discontinued – VG

The super yacht has been discontinued - VG

A rubber boat with a group of Ukrainian protesters stood in front of the luxury yacht of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.


On Monday, a yacht associated with Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich – the 140-meter yacht “Solaris” valued at NOK 3.8 billion – docked at a resort in Bodrum, Turkey, north of Rhodes.

But before the Solaris docked, they tried to stop it with a rubber boat.

Pictures posted on social media and published by the Daily Mail, show that a group of Ukrainian protesters in an inflatable boat stood in front of the yacht. They had Ukrainian flags with the words “No to war” written on them.

SUPERYACHT: The 140-meter yacht “Solaris” is located at the quayside in Bodrum, Turkey.

Despite attempts to apparently stop the yacht, photos show that on Tuesday, Solaris managed to make direct access to the port and dock at the Turkish resort.

And on Tuesday, what was supposed to be one of Abramovich’s other yachts approached the Turkish resort of Marmaris, also north of Rhodes, he said. Watchman.

It is unclear whether Abramovich himself was aboard either yacht. The oligarch was seen at an airport in Israel last week, but according to Sky News I go back to Moscow.

Abramovich is among the Russian oligarchs who, due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, were put on the EU and Britain sanctions lists, which They both froze all the money He has in the federation and the country, including the football club Chelsea.

The yachts of many wealthy Russian oligarchs have recently been confiscated.

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On Monday, the luxury yacht “Axiona” is 72 meters long and is connected to the Russian oligarchs Gibraltar authorities have detained Dmitri Pampianski, Reuters reported.

Pompiansky is a Russian oligarch, with ties to the Putin regime in Russia, which is under sanctions by Britain and the European Union.

The yacht left at the pier on Monday Tarek mountainBritish Overseas Territory. In advance, the yacht’s crew asked the local authorities to allow it to dock.

The yacht is owned directly by a holding company in the British Virgin Islands tax haven, but through the Panama Papers leaks, Pumpyansky was named as one of those who took control of the company.

Forbes and Superyacht Fan also reported that Pumpyansky is the owner of the yacht.

Pumpyansky according to Forbes The world’s richest 1,299 people earned $1.1 billion, or NOK 9.68 billion.

Today, he is the sole owner of the largest pipe company in Russia, among other things.

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