The wave of violence in Sweden: – a heavy national problem

The wave of violence in Sweden: – a heavy national problem
The wave of violence in Sweden: – a heavy national problem

The wave of violence raises fear in Sweden. On Monday night, police were investigating a powerful explosion in Nyköping as an attempted murder, and its links to a mass riot are being investigated.


He writes that family members have been shot several times in recent weeks by gang members in Sweden Aftonbladet.

This has sparked fear among parents at a school in Norrköping, where a staff member is linked to someone involved in a criminal rivalry.

The newspaper wrote that some of the parents they spoke to refuse to send their children to school.

Municipal Education Director Esther Alavi says the employee is now temporarily unemployed.

She says that the municipality is working with the police to assess the security situation, and that the suspension is temporary until this work is completed.

– I keep the interests of children and staff in mind. If a member of staff has an image of underwear against them, that person should not be near pupils, she says.

This situation is a heavy national problem that casts a shadow over cohesion. We are doing what we can at the municipal level.

– Assassinations in large areas of the Kingdom

Also on Sunday and Monday night, several violent incidents were reported in Sweden.

In Nyköping, police are investigating a powerful explosion as an attempted murder.

– The place is closed for technical investigations. Information is currently being collected through interviews with eyewitnesses and others with information about the incident, police chief on duty Mikael Ihneh said in an update to the press.

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Police have an assumption about what the motive behind the act could be, and are investigating whether there is a connection to the Foxtrot criminal network.

– But when we have such a large volume of assassinations in large parts of the country, we will not go with what we know and believe at the present time, but rather wait for that thing, Ehne tells the Swedish news agency TT.

On Monday night, shots were also fired at the door of an apartment in Handen in Haninge, south of Stockholm.

The police said that several people were in the apartment, but no one was physically harmed.

Police are also investigating a death in a forest in Gothenburg as a possible homicide. They did not comment on whether this case may also be linked to the recent wave of violence.

The man has been identified and his next of kin have been notified. “We currently don’t know what happened,” says police officer on duty Johan Leung. Aftonbladet.

These incidents join a series of violent incidents and murders that Sweden has witnessed over the past two weeks.

On Sunday, the Swedish government called for a crisis meeting with the country’s Organized Crime Council. This council was created in December last year, and is chaired by Justice Minister Gunnar Strömer.

He added that we will mobilize crime prevention SVT.


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