“The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk 2077” developers start a union after mass layoffs

“The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk 2077” developers start a union after mass layoffs

(PressFire.no): After several rounds of layoffs, developers at Poland’s CD Projekt RED have decided to form a separate union for game developers in the country.

The union is called the Polish Game Development Workers Union and will be for all developersAnd not only those who worked at the “The Witcher” studio.

We started talking about establishing an association after the waves of layoffs in 2023, after nine percent of the “Reds” (about 100 people) were fired, as the association wrote on its website.

-This has created a lot of uncertainty and a lot of stress, which has affected our mental health and which has now led to the creation of this association. Having an association to support you will provide greater safety, transparency, better protection and a stronger voice when crisis comes.

The association goes on to say that there is often a strange balance of power in a gaming company, with management holding all the power – even though it is the developers who produce everything of value.

-We do not have any authority to make decisions regarding the company structure. That is why we must organize ourselves to have equal conditions to discuss these matters.

The association becomes part of the larger umbrella organization OZZ IP, which contains associations within a number of sectors

“This means that we have access to lawyers, expertise and a network of major trade unions,” the association wrote.

The union will only cover those working in Poland, meaning CD Projekt’s Vancouver offices will not be able to register.

In May, 29 employees lost their jobs at CD Prosjekt-owned The Molasses Flood studio, which is working on a “Witcher” project called “Sirius.” The following month, 30 people who worked at the card game Gwent were sacked – before 100 people lost their jobs in June.

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This article was written by our sarcastic advisor Segata Sateru, and is therefore made from bamboo only.

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