The wrestler, Morten Thoresen, lost a new tooth

Toothless performance: Morten Thoresen has already lost two front teeth. He spent the weekend in Sweden pulling out another half tooth.

National team wrestler Morten Thoresen, 25, is known for his toothless smile. On Saturday, the accident happened again.


Norwegians grinding their teeth on weekend trips to Sweden isn’t usually something you associate with top sports, but for a wrestling wrestler from Bodø, this is it.

– what should I say? I’m a full time idiot! Quite simply, Thoresen tells VG.

Before, they are the “central” incisors I got out after a series of accidents On the wrestling mat. that it Exactly one year since he knocked out the second tooth at a VG+ broadcast wrestling event in Lampertsitter:

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Thoresen finally started using a mouth guard, but it wasn’t enough to prevent an extra half tooth from falling out of the 25-year-old’s mouth.

– It was flaccid and took a lot of beating – more because the other two were gone. So I should have done something about it a long time ago. I can’t help but regret it now.

The last injury occurred in the semi-finals when he received a “Swedish right shoulder to the jaw”.

– When I took off the mouth guard, I heard a crunch and then half of the tooth fell into my mouth. I got really angry after that, says Thoresen.

He still looks humorously at his toothless mouth, but he has no plan for when to fix an already missing tooth.

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– I called the dentist, I have to go there on Monday. The third tooth is broken lengthwise, so it will likely be glued. I apologized, and I must be the worst patient he has ever encountered.

Thoresen is at the Haparanda Cup in Sweden for important match practice. He achieved sporting success, and tomorrow he will go to the final in the 72-kilogram category against Poland’s Mateusz Bernatek – who previously won the silver of the World Cup and the silver of the European Championships.

Two weeks have passed since then It is known that the duo Fritz Anse and Stig Andre Berg will not continue as coaches of the men’s national team.. There were major internal disturbances in the management of the federation, the technical staff and the athletes.

But it was Aanes who was with Thoresen on this trip to northern Sweden.

– There was a lot of management, and it was very difficult, after Fritz and Steg were released. But I agreed with the guild that they would follow me until the new year, and then I don’t know what will happen, says Thoresen.

The 2020 EC Gold Medal Winner has He did his best to suggest that he would resign if Anse and Berg did not continue.

– I don’t have much to say. It’s very difficult, but it’s nice to be with Fritz on a trip, says Thoresen.


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