There must be room for a diversity of opinions in the Bergen student

There must be room for a diversity of opinions in the Bergen student

Option. I fear that students in Bergen who do not think the same way as the majority, feel that there is no room for their opinion and choice of party.

Posted: August 27 11:43 2021 – last update August 27 12:06 2021

This is correct They simply shouted the news first and foremost: There is an election for the Autumn People! It may now be more correct to say that there are elections in less than a month, a fact that cannot be mentioned enough. This being the case, as it may seem surprising to dedicated students of politics and others who read this general student newspaper – there are actually people who forget to vote, or for other reasons do not find their way to the polling station.

when now Approaching the election in full swing, I think it’s time to take up something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I think so It can be hard to be a student and not vote red and green.

I have more Friends who talk about unpleasant experiences in political discussions. A friend experienced that her sponsoring group made fun of her when she was told she had a KrF as a second choice for parliamentary elections, while another friend met this comment at a party: “I can’t understand how you can live with yourself if you are happy with the current government.” These are not examples of exchange. proper political views.

When I was earlier This summer, I read 18-year-old Ingrid Bringsfor’s post on SiD, I’ve been getting so much pain in the body. She is on the board of one of the local Unge Høyre groups, and as such has been described as “racist, unsympathetic, oppressive and ignorant”, to name just a few of the insults he was subjected to on her list. Now I don’t necessarily agree with Tory policy, but I agree to a lesser degree that using such words against others is justifiable.

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This is hateful courage It is somewhat difficult to understand this right, and that is because, believe it or not, we have had a bourgeois government for 8 years. At the same time, I do not understand where all the voters who voted civil in the last parliamentary elections came from. At least they weren’t in my student circle of Bergen.

List of democratic socialists and The Left Alliance won a total of 13 out of 24 seats in the student parliament during the student spring elections. Another debate is how representative the election result was, with 9.4 percent turnout, but among those who voted in the election, there was at least a predominance of left-wing votes. At the same time, the election result means something completely different: almost half of the students did not vote on these lists! Thus there is a clear left majority – and at the same time a significant minority.

I’m afraid of that Students in Bergen who do not think the same way as the majority feel that there is no place for their opinions and choice of party. With my friends’ stories, this fear is not entirely without evidence.

then comes My call: It is not possible to enter into a political debate about what is acceptable and what is not. When we create the impression that all students vote left, we forbid some of the most beautiful democracy that must display the diversity of opinions and opinions that can exist side by side.

I believe in That if we succeed in bringing a way of thinking about understanding into all kinds of discussions, we help create an arena for diversity of opinions, diversity of beliefs, and diversity of lifestyle that will benefit us all. Discuss politics vigorously, but remember that it is just a sign of health that not everyone believes.

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Good Choice!



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