These Russian weapons are blamed for the slowness of the counterattack. Norway has seen what they can do.

These Russian weapons are blamed for the slowness of the counterattack.  Norway has seen what they can do.

GPS signals in northern Norway have been out for 126 days so far this year. The same weapons used by the Russians in the north are now having dramatic consequences for the Ukrainians’ counterattack.

In large areas of the front, satellite navigation does not work. In many places, Ukrainian soldiers lose all radio signals. They cannot be contacted over radio link. Thus, orders and messages had to be conveyed by those running between the trenches.

The Ukrainian drone army is formidable. 10,000 drone soldiers were to operate swarms of drones against Russian targets. But they struggle. Every week, Ukrainians lose 2,500 drones. They are being destroyed by Russian electronic warfare (EK).

– This prevents our enemy from realizing the potential of Western weapons, excited one of the biggest Russian military bloggers and propagandists. telegram.

An image taken by Russian drones shows Ukrainian vehicles and tanks that were destroyed at the start of the offensive in Zaporizhzhya in June. The footage was taken from Russian propaganda channels, but was geolocated and verified by Western and Ukrainian analysts.

Russian EK weapons delay attack. Both Russian, Ukrainian and Western sources agree on that.

Now Norway is familiar with the weapons characteristic of the great war in eastern Ukraine.

How often do we get caught by the Russians?

When Widerø and SAS pilots flew over eastern Finnmark in September 2017, they quickly realized something was wrong. Between Kirkenes and Alta, GPS signals disappeared at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

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Initially, the Norwegian authorities did not want to blame the Russians. It was only months later that Norwegian intelligence established that Russian electronic warfare was the cause.

They bombard radio frequencies with strong radio signals. Thus, GPS signals disappear before they get close to the ground.

From 2017 to 2022, the GPS network in eastern Finland was interrupted for two to three weeks per year.

Now it happens almost all the time.

  • On 128 of the 166 days so far in 2023, the GPS network in eastern Finnmark has been disrupted. The numbers show that Aftenposten has received the National Communications Commission.
  • It happened every day in December 2022, and again in May this year.

Russian officials say it wasn’t them. That is not true. Investigations show that signals always come from the other side of the border.

The objective may be to deter attacks with long-range precision weapons. Another explanation is that they want to disrupt NATO exercises. In addition, the Russians practice combat.

In Norway, this does not have serious consequences. Pilots can take other routes. But on the front in Ukraine, it’s the difference between life and death.

Murmansk, Krashuka and Borisogleb

The same EK weapons used by the Russians in Norwegian airspace are now playing a decisive role on the battlefield in Ukraine.

  • Murmansk-PN weapons system It has seven vehicles and 32 meter high masts. They can interfere with communication over very long distances.
  • Krasuka-4 Satellite signals, drones and radar-guided systems up to 300 kilometers away.
  • poop To “make the enemy blind and deaf”. It can jam GPS signals from NATO satellites up to 200 kilometers in space.
  • In addition, the Russians use several EK weapons such as Moskva-1, Borisoglebsk and Lorandit.
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EK weapons are usually stationed 7 kilometers behind the front depending on the range.

The US and NATO are concerned. As the Russians knock out the GPS network, the Himars missiles will be less effective. CNN. It may also have affected the accuracy of other weapons, Pentagon leaks revealed

– The Russians are jamming everything they can, Ukrainian drone fighters tell Ukrainian media.

What is happening ahead now?

The Ukrainian offensive on the ground has virtually ceased in recent days.

– To go up, we need weapons with a range of 200 kilometers, said the Deputy Minister of Defense. Saturday.

Ukrainian soldiers in a trench ahead. Ukrainian forces have not launched large-scale ground offensives in recent days.

Electronic warfare is a major reason why attack is slow. An American think tank thinks so ISW.

The Russians installed several EK weapons on the front.

Also, equipment may be upgraded. In addition, the Russians have changed their strategy.

What are Ukrainians doing now?

The Ukrainians have been bombing systematically since mid-April to prepare for the attack. EK weapons are a high priority target.

According to the daily reports of the army, 57 large units with Russian EK equipment have been destroyed.

Dutch Analysis Group Oryx Ten Russian EK weapons have been verified destroyed since April.

In any case, this is not enough.

According to multiple sources, the Russians have deployed EK facilities every 10 kilometers along a 1,000 kilometer long front. Additionally, they have more artillery and dominate the airspace.

Therefore, the Ukrainians need to drop more bombs before launching a major offensive. This is important for the use of advanced weapons systems and satellite data.

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– There is little reason to believe that a major attack is coming in the near future, independent Russian researchers i CIT.

Same thing British thinker Taste who predicts a “very unpleasant summer”.

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