This explains the celebration – VG

This explains the celebration - VG

SKIEN (VG) (Odd – Viking 2–1) Milan Jeftovic became the biggest champion after five minutes of overtime in the Vikings’ first points loss of the season.


– She was high when Milan put her down. I know how hard he worked for this. His family came and they got to see their father for the first time in a long time. Plus, he was smashed to the team today. This was incredibly well deserved, Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen told VG.

The match winner ran ecstatically across the pitch and celebrated in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Serbian was high after the match.

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– It was amazing. The family came here yesterday after three months apart. They visit here, and the fact that I could do it with them in the stands was unbelievable, Jevitovich tells VG.

He says the birthday celebration was not accidental.

– It happened after I played football with my son yesterday. He wanted me to celebrate like Ronaldo. It may have been fun for him, says the former RBK and Bodø/Glimt winger.

The last time Viking lost an away match was last summer, against Odd at Skien. This time, too, Rogalinding’s journey was not easy.

In his first game from the start for Odd, it was Mikael Norø Ingebrigtsen who sent the hosts up front. When he slipped into the normally solid Vikings defense, Tromsø’s weather proved harsh.

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From a distance of 16 meters he sent the ball into a difficult trip into the net, it could be removed to Viking goalkeeper Patrick Gunnarsson.

It seemed to be the decisive goal for a long time, but two minutes before the end of the match, substitute Kevin Kabran appeared and equalized for the visitors. The Vikings seemed to take the points home to Stavanger – and then Jeftovich appeared.

This is perhaps the most boring thing about football. Losing all time is unbelievable, sums up Vikings captain Viton Berisha for VG.

The striker has the advantage of finding net masks this season, but you don’t have to worry for that reason.

– no do not worry. Now I have two scorers so far. Goals come, says Berisha, who is still promising double-digit goal-points this season without being specific.

Cheers: Mikael Nuru Ingebrigitsen scored his first goal for Odd.

Zlatko Tripic won the match in the Vikings’ first two matches of the season, and was close to giving the guests a dream start against Odd. The star striker slipped to the back post, where he shot a full shot. Leopold Walsted was vigilant and ensured that the accounts continued to be balanced.

Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen’s Odd appeared ball-wise and judicious, and was even sharper than the away team before the break. The hosts had possession of the ball most of the time, without creating a series of chances.

A header from Tobias Lauritsen and a sky-high shot from close range from Espen Road, it was the closest the Whites and Lions scored before changing sides.

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Those present at the Skagerrak Arena feared the worst when Vyton Berisha came alone with the goalkeeper at the start of the second half, but the star striker has yet to score in Elitzeren this season.

Trebek also got the chance on his own with the goalkeeper, but it wouldn’t work out for him either. Substitute Kibran then took charge and rolled the ball precisely into the far corner after a period of heavy pressure from the visitors.

In a match in which both teams could have come out victorious, it was Jevtovic who received the honor of scoring the decisive goal. Then go all out at Skagerak Arena.

Monday’s match against Odd was the start of a hectic and difficult week for the Vikings. On Thursday, it meets Bodeau/Glimt in the cup semi-finals, before the same team comes to visit Stavanger for the elite football league on Sunday.

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