This is how the choice – which you dare not ask – is Viji

This is how the choice - which you dare not ask - is Viji

Experts answer 10 questions about the exam from young readers of VG.

On VG’s Snapchat account If young people between the ages of 15 and 25 have any questions about the election, we asked a few days before it exploded. We have enlisted the help of Johannes Berg, an election expert in the field of social research, to contribute some answers.

Why do you have a choice?

To decide who will decide on your behalf and me, this time at the start. Elections have also been arranged for municipalities and districts and for the Sami parliament. In Norway, we vote for delegates on the list for various constituencies. Here you will get one Quick introduction of 1-2-3.

Can you vote if you are 17, but can you turn 18 this year?

– Yes, you can, that’s the rule. Electoral researcher Johannes Berg says you have the right to vote for the first time in Norway when you are 18 years old. Not decided about the party? Da will not wallow in her!

Who will win?

– Mostly successful red-greens and Jonas Kahar becomes store (labor) prime minister. But nothing is guaranteed or confirmed, says election researcher Johannes Berg. Here is VG’s latest poll: – Nail in coffin

How long does it take to count the votes?

– Election researcher Johannes Berg says majority will be spoken on election night. It is already Monday, September 13th.

When do you know someone has won an election?

– Most things will be counted late on election night. Electoral researcher Johannes Berg says it could take longer if it becomes more equal, even if one or more parties are on the verge of a complete ban.

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Is there a limit to how many parties can cooperate in a government?

– No, there is no limit. Election researcher Johannes Berg says we have four-party governments.

What happens to the 19 constituencies now that there are fewer districts?

The Norwegian Directorate of Elections explains:

Norway is divided into 19 constituencies that follow district boundaries before regional reform. If you vote in advance in a municipality located in a constituency other than the registered municipality, you will be given a tick ballot paper pasted only on the names of the registered political parties, without the candidate names. You have to tick which party you want to vote for. The ballot is without the names of the parties’ candidates. So you can’t make changes to this ballot.

How can smaller parties gain more power?

– Sometimes smaller parties gain more power, other times smaller ones. Electoral researcher Johannes Berg says that if a small party converts a minority into a majority, it gains more power.

How to vote?

You can vote in advance in all municipalities of the country until Friday, September 10th. On election day, you can only vote in the registered municipality until June 30 this summer. Here it is Additional information on how to vote.

Can I vote for more parties?

You can only vote for one party, but you can remove candidates from that party’s list or change the order. More information on how to do it, Can be found here.

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