This nine-year-old earns several 100,000 kronor a month

This nine-year-old earns several 100,000 kronor a month

Since the summer didn’t have much fun to offer, the siblings decided to easily learn more about technology, and more specifically cryptocurrency recovery.

“We started because we wanted to learn something new about technology, and maybe make some money with the same shovel,” older brother Thakur wrote to CNBC.

Making money was definitely not the problem. Since its inception, the siblings have averaged $30,000 per month, and the same figure was estimated at $40,000 in September.

I learned from YouTube

After watching a few YouTube videos and a few Google searches, the siblings bought a new graphics processor that they put into Ishaan’s gaming computer.

It didn’t take long before income started to increase, which meant that the siblings invested in new machines with greater recovery potential. To finance this, his father Raj took out a loan.

They also say they use 100 percent renewable energy for the process.

You will unite with the school

The siblings comment that summer vacation was a good time to start work, as they had a lot of free time. Moving forward, they want to combine work and school.

Ishaan plans to study at the University of Pennsylvania, where he wants to study medicine and become a doctor. Anya, who still has plenty of time to think about it, is also planning medicine at New York University.

They conclude by saying that they very much enjoy the work created by themselves. – When my friends ask, I just say that I’m in the garage and I’m in the garage, Anya writes.

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