This popular app is now disappearing from the Windows operating system – after nearly 30 years

This popular app is now disappearing from the Windows operating system – after nearly 30 years

Wordpad is the name most Windows users will agree with. Simple script has been an integral part of Microsoft’s operating system for nearly 30 years, but now it’s finally gone.

As is the case among other things the edge Reportedly, Microsoft has announced that Wordpad will be discontinued in a future Windows version. The announcement was made without much fanfare Microsoft’s own sites.

Recommend notepad or word

– Wordpad will no longer be updated and will be removed when Windows launches in the future. We recommend that you use Microsoft Word for rich text documents, such as .doc and .rtf, and Windows Notepad for pure text documents, such as .txt, that Microsoft writes in the update.

Wordpad is a simple text editor, which is more advanced than Notepad, but less advanced than Microsoft Word. The program first launched as part of Windows 95 in 1995, replacing Microsoft Write, and has been included in every version of Windows since then.

Microsoft has not provided a specific reason behind the disappearance of Wordpad, and it is uncertain whether lack of popularity is the main reason. the site sleeping computer Speculates whether the cause may be partly security-related, as a vulnerability in the Windows 10 version of WordPad earlier this year It was exploited by the infamous Qbot malware.

Notepad has been updated recently

Incidentally, Microsoft’s announcement came a few days after the company’s announcement Notepad updates reported. Among other things, the update includes a function that automatically saves your work, so that you can close the program and pick up later where you left off without dialog windows.

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In addition, previously opened tabs will be restored, as well as content and modifications that were not saved in open tabs. Microsoft says the functionality can be turned off in the Settings menu if you want a fresh start each time you open Notepad. It is currently only available to Windows Insiders.

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