Cecil (65) and Tom (57) are locked in the hotel: – Ragnarok

Cecil (65) and Tom (57) are locked in the hotel: – Ragnarok

Storm Daniel wreaks havoc on Greek holiday paradise Skiathos. A cohabiting Norwegian couple ended up in the “center of the storm.”


– It’s so terrible. Ragnarok has been completed here in the last 24 hours.

Weatherproofed, Cecile Marie Morelios, 65, sits in her hotel room in Skiathos, Greece, with her partner, Tom Rohn, 57.

Wonderful swimming pool:

They are on the third floor, while the rest of the Diamanta Hotel has been evacuated. She says the front desk on the first floor was completely flooded.

We have no water or food, and the electricity is cut off. There is mud everywhere.

Extreme weather “Daniel” is sweeping southwestern parts of Greece, including parts of Bulgaria and Turkey.

Sitting Closed: Cecile Marie Marielius and Tom Rohn have been photographed on a previous occasion.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday that they were facing “a completely extreme weather event” and urged residents to follow the advice of the authorities.

Precipitation was very central in Greece and in the Sporades archipelago, where symbionts from Tromsø are found.

Huge amounts of rain lead to severe flooding, bringing all infrastructure to a standstill.

There is no ordinary day in September: it rains in ways that even Bergen residents must register as torrential.

Severe weather has so far claimed the lives of at least seven people, including two tourists who were swept away by a strong current at a campsite in northwest Turkey, according to the Anadolu News Agency. program.

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The Greek meteorological authorities recorded 75.4 centimeters of rain in a village in the Pelion district, the highest level recorded since 2006.

The worst is not over yet, but according to Greek Climate Minister Vassilis Kikilias, the drought is expected to begin on Wednesday morning.

The unusually heavy rains come on the eve of the summer when forest fires ravaged Greece. At the end of August, 18 people, possibly migrants, were found dead in a fire-ravaged area in the north-east of the country.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says the extreme weather is due to climate change.

– I’m afraid that the carefree summers as we knew them are henceforth over, and that the summers we shall have in the future will be more difficult.

Swimming enclosed: This is what the pool area at Hotel Sissel Marie Marelius and Tom Rønne looks like

Norwegian Morelius says she has visited Crete more than 60 times, but this time she and her friend decided to try something new and went to Skiathos.

– Locals I spoke to here say it’s the worst storm in 60 years.

– There is a curfew and all shops are closed. In several places, the roads are cut off, and we see motorbikes submerged in water. It’s chaos.

Morelius says she was connected to the travel company Apollo. They are doing what they can, but they couldn’t do much for the cohabiting couple as there is a curfew and everything is closed.

Water everywhere: There are not many souvlaki drinks served in the hotel restaurant these days.

When VG spoke to Morelios late Tuesday evening, she said she hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

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– Tomorrow I will try to see if I can find any food, and she says and says that the rain has stopped, and it may seem that the water level is going down.

– I live on peanuts, so I’ll be able to live until tomorrow, she concludes optimistically.


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