– Today will be a remarkable quest

– Today will be a remarkable quest

Taken from the river: It is in this area that the police believe the boy drowned in the river. Photo: Freddie Ludwig Larsen / V.G

On Saturday morning, the search for the missing boy resumes in Porshankar. – The police say we have to do everything we can to find him.

An 11-year-old boy was reported missing from the camp school in Borsanger, Finnmark, on Thursday at 17.50.

On Friday, police announced they had switched to a presumptive death search.

The search continues at 09.00 am on Saturday.

– Police are on scene with an emergency manager. We will have search dogs, boats and divers, operations manager of the Finnmark Police District, Jan Arne Petersen, tells VG.

The main hypothesis of the police is that the boy was going to pick up the football in the river and was swept away by the current.

Search crews find the football, but the boy is nowhere to be found.

– We must do what we can to find him. Peterson says there will be a significant search today.

Resources from the police, civil defense, the Red Cross, Norwegian People's Aid and volunteers are assisting in the search operation. Rescue helicopters, divers and dogs from Norwegian Rescue Dogs (NRH). Photo: Anastasia Witte-Streifeld / AltaBoston

The operations manager adds that the search operation has focused heavily on the river.

– We should think of more salt water. If he was carried by the current into the ocean, then that is the ocean we seek.

Police earlier said search conditions were demanding due to extremely high water flows in the river and multiple lightning strikes. Low visibility in the river makes searching difficult.

– The challenging thing is that the whole Borsangerfjord is huge. There will be a lot of people as the redfish fishing started last night. It is positive in terms of making an invention.

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Using a toy

– It's about finding a needle in a haystack. We know where he disappeared from, but it is not easy to know where he is going. But we have a little boy that we have to find, and we have to cross our fingers, says Peterson.

On Friday, the river rescue team reconstructed the sequence of events with the help of a toy.

The boy's family was present to follow the reconstruction Altaboston.

The toy was used to analyze the river.

– We raised a dummy in the water simulating a person who had fallen into the water, equal to the weight of the missing person, Joan Erik Dysland, head of the aid group in Finnsnes, told VG on Friday.

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