Torjus Seland (7) was found dead:

Torjus Seland (7) was found dead:

– I have found this tool to save lives. Time saved saves lives.

That’s what Philip Gabrielsen, head of the Red Cross in Lindesne, says. A month has passed since he and hundreds of others participated in the search for Torjus Seland.

A seven-year-old boy disappeared while hunting in Lindesnes, Aktor. After more than 48 hours of searching, he was found dead of hypothermia.

The Red Cross chief criticized the fact that digital mapping tool SARtopo was not used during the search operation. According to police, privacy concerns were the reason.

– Ultimately, SARtopo will be involved in saving lives. In Akhtar, the police have put their foot down, but now is the time to use it. “In fact, the whole country uses this tool during search operations, and I’ve been involved in several searches myself where we’ve given the police the thumbs up to use the tool,” says Gabrielson.

– Probably died of hypothermia

– Can save valuable time

Gabrielson describes the map program as a tool that provides a better contextual understanding of the ongoing search activity. Everyone participating in the search can get a constantly updated map where they can see where searches are being conducted and where searches have been made.

– This way you can save important time. One should start using this tool tomorrow, which has already taken a lot of time. It has been almost three years since the tool was first used in Akrses during a search operation in Lilleström. I was there then and saw how decisive this could be. Time saved has saved lives, says Gabrielson.

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Up to 1,500 volunteers and organizations joined the search for the seven-year-old boy. Four helicopters were involved, drones and tracking dogs were used in the intensive search. Finally, the boy was found dead under a slab of stone.

The head of the Red Cross insists that it cannot be said that if SARtopo had been used, the search operation would have produced a different result. However, he says, it’s usually the only search to get the job done, and the fastest.

– Searchers don’t have to visit the Search Aggregate to get updated maps and assign new search areas. You will be constantly updated while you are in the field and searching. That way, you can save hours that would otherwise be spent on research, explains Gabrielson.

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It rules out other effects

Dagbladet asked the police in Aktor several questions about the search operation and the use of the SARtopo tool. Chief of Staff Vidar Arnesen writes in an email that the tool is not approved by the Norwegian Police Directorate and therefore cannot be used due to GDPR (privacy).

– There is no indication that SARtopo will change the outcome of the search. Arnesen writes that the search function is assessed by HRS and learning points emerge there.

The chief of staff says the Garmin Basecamp tool was used during search planning in October. In addition, emergency networks were used. According to Arnesen, SARtopo does not meet the requirements for data protection and GDPR regulations and therefore should not be used by the police.

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Searched nearby

Searched nearby

Police agree: – Not ideal

As Dagbladet previously discussed, the day before the boy was found dead, a search was carried out in three specific ways near where Seland was found:

  • A Red Cross car and drone searched the farm a short distance from where the discovery was made.
  • A rescue helicopter was flown to the scene.
  • A patrol with a rescue dog went over Longmyra, a marsh near the discovery site, at lunchtime the day before the discovery.

One of the searches was very close to the discovery site. It is not known whether the seven-year-old boy was under the slab at the time.

– Does the police believe that the tool(s) used were sufficient to effectively carry out the search operation?

– The tool used was not optimal, which is why a new action support tool is now being introduced in 2024. We will continue to use the Garmin Basecamp used in 2024 until a new action support tool is available. case

Dagbladet has been in contact with the deceased’s contact person regarding the case. They have been informed of the consideration.

Jim Foss, pastor at Lyndall Mission Church, about the funeral of Dorjes Seland (7).
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