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Residents in the area from Tårstad towards Skar have been asked to stay inside. The smoke and gas must be highly toxic.

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Police in Nordland reported a large rubbish fire in Oboden. The fire department said that the gases produced by the fire are toxic.

Residents in the area from Tårstad towards Skar are asked to keep windows closed and stay inside.

Operations Manager Mari Lillesto says it is unknown who started the fire and that a complaint will be filed against the person or persons who did it.

– The fire is releasing a lot of smoke and gas, which the fire service says is highly toxic. Hence, it is assumed that people are going out with the message to stay indoors. Lillesto says the smoke spreads well with the wind.

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Plastic round bales and trays

Round bales of plastic and boards are incinerated, according to Trond Lokas, operator at 110 Center Nordland.

– I assume it was planned, but I don’t know why and how it happened, he says.

The fire service is encouraging people to stay indoors until 7pm on Sunday.

– If it still smells, people should still be inside, says Lokas.

Police are working to ensure the safety of people living nearby.

Neighbors reported the fire

Neighbors living in the area informed about the fire.

Operations Manager Lillesto said the area was sparsely populated and they had received no reports of injuries.

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The fire service continues to assess whether an evacuation is necessary. For now, it is enough for people to stay indoors and close the windows and doors.

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