Traitor, Morstad Wire | cracked down on the “traitor”

Traitor, Morstad Wire |  cracked down on the “traitor”

On Friday, Season 2 of “Forræder” premiered on TV2. The channel’s big comedy effort quickly became an audience favorite last year, and now it’s back with new cast and new twists.

Among the hand-picked group of celebrities, actor and gamer Aslak Maurstad (31) will be on screen throughout the spring. Last fall he participated in “Farmen kjendis”, then he did not hide that he worked hard to prepare as best as possible for the program.

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When the 30-year-old agreed to take part in “Forræder”, he was fully aware that a new round of preparations awaited him.

Lots of preparatory work

When Nettavisen met Morstad in connection with the show’s press pitch, he made no secret of the fact that he had prepared a great deal before his participation.

– I have prepared a lot. I’m not very talented at anything, so the only thing I can do is practice a lot on things, he tells Netavien.

Thus, a few days before the engagement, the 31-year-old decided to buy a number of board and computer games, which are very much in line with the game concept in “The Traitor”.

– Simply to practice as much as I can. It doesn’t always help much, but you just have to try as hard as you can, says Morstad, who points to Varmin’s involvement when things don’t quite go as planned.

I found vulnerabilities

Soon after trying various board games, Morstad says he realized a weakness he had to do something about, before he took part in the intense and nerve-wracking TV 2 programme.

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– Eventually I discovered I had an aura that was very ‘mite’, he says and explains that the term is short for being suspicious, which certainly shouldn’t appear in the word ‘disloyal’.

He casts the first doubt of the season — it should explain itself:

But after practicing for several days, fortunately, it turned out that he would finally get the hang of fooling around and seeing the other participants he played with.

– So I felt all set when the recording was about to begin. Loyalist or traitor, Morstad says.

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He makes no secret of the fact that he believes that all the hours of preparation have made him perform better than many of the participants.

– Due to the fact that I trained a lot, I think I applied a little stronger, yeah. I have some very specific thoughts and experiences that I can use consciously, Morstad said.

Peek at a teammate

New for this year’s season of TV 2, 16 players arrive together in pairs with someone they have a close relationship with. Morstad arrives with her love interest, 32-year-old Emily “Imzia” Helgesen.

Despite the fact that the two arrived as a married couple, they maintain that all of the participants have become individual players and no one can trust each other.

And so she herself made some preparations, which surprised Morstad.

– I watched some videos about body language, and I watched some old clips of my partner to see how he acts in different situations, she reveals to Morstad.

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– I looked at the clips where you talk about the “farm” and you seem a little nervous. So I tried to read to you.

Watch Aslak Maurstad’s reaction in the video below:

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