Transport, National Highway 80 | Here, the police arrested 59 (!) people in two days: – Too many

Transport, National Highway 80 |  Here, the police arrested 59 (!) people in two days: – Too many

On Saturday morning, police conducted a speed check on the 60-zone National Highway 80 at Hunstad Center in Bodo. This resulted in a total of 27 simplified submissions. Maximum speed in 60 zone is 73 kmph.

UP’s catch was of such a massive nature that the police were forced to line up at the same spot on Sunday.

The result? 32 new simplified fines as a result of motorists being too keen on the gas pedal. The maximum speed on Sunday was 82 kmph.

59 drivers

In total, 59 drivers sinned in one place and had to open their wallets. Police operations manager in Nordland, Tommy Beck, believes this figure is too high.

– When we got a disappointing result like yesterday, it’s only natural that we follow up with control today, says the operations manager.

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This is where most people are caught by the police

On both days, between the Circle K station and the bridge at the Hunstadtcentre, the U.P.

– There is heavy traffic in the area and there is an intersection. I’m not going to speculate on why people are driving there so fast, but people are going in the 80 zone, Bech says, before adding:

– Statistics clearly show that we are better off reminding people to respect the speed limit.

A clear call

It is not encouraging that a total of 59 speeding offenders had to be stopped during the two raids over the weekend.

– We think the number is too high and hope that more frequent checks will help prevent speed limit violations.

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During a period of heavy holiday planning, when many people use the car as a means of transportation, the police have a clarion call:

– Use the time to help and arrive safely, Bech concludes.

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