Transport, Oslo | Traffic: Oslo tops European list of worst for driving

Transport, Oslo |  Traffic: Oslo tops European list of worst for driving

A recent survey It shows that Oslo is the most stressful city in Europe to drive to – followed by Lisbon and Milan.

By developing a stress rating system, they surveyed local drivers based on their heart rate while driving and resting.

– Surprise

According to, the data was provided to Adeji Saheed, a physician specializing in internal medicine with more than three years of clinical practice, who provided insight into typical heartbeats.

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Aleksandrs Buraks, head of development at, says the results are surprising.

– We found that Oslo's narrow and winding roads can be a source of driving stress for local drivers, says Brooks.

Rest of the surveyed and ranked cities:

  • 4. London, England
  • 5. Budapest, Hungary
  • 6. Munich, Germany
  • 7. Prague, Czech Republic
  • 8. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • 9. Krakow, Poland

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NAF: – can be challenging

NAF tells Netavisen that they can relate to the fact that Oslo can be a stressful city to drive through.

– Especially if you are not known in the city, says Ingunn Handagard, press manager of NAF.

– Oslo has a dense city center, a network of subways and often many detours, which can make finding your way around a challenge. Additionally, there are plenty of one-way routes to get your heart rate up in the city center and on the streets where trams, cars and soft road users share space.

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