Trump’s lawyer claims all documents have been submitted – VG

Trump's lawyer claims all documents have been submitted - VG
New details: New information may help explain the search for Trump’s home in Florida.

Donald Trump’s lawyer said in June that all classified documents were provided by Mar-A-Lago, according to the New York Times and CNN. A little over two months later, the FBI knocked on the door.


On August 9, the FBI recovered 20 boxes It displays top-secret documents from the former president’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago.

Earlier this year, archive authorities retrieved 15 boxes of documents.

At least one of Trump’s lawyers signed a statement in June alleging that Trump had handed over all boxes of classified documents, He writes for the New York Times on Saturday.

They spoke to four sources familiar with the statement.

American CNN TV channel He also spoke to two sources who confirmed that Trump’s lawyer signed such a statement.

asks new questions

According to the New York Times, the written statement came after the Justice Department’s counterintelligence chief, Jay A. Pratt, visited Mar-a-Lago on June 3 this year.

The statement, which has not been discussed before, is a possible indication that Trump and his team did not put all their cards on the table in the meeting with federal investigators, the paper wrote.

It may help explain why the Department of Justice had to actually search for Trump’s property, after trying to solve the problem by talking to Trump and his team.

Lots of attention: Donald Trump has again been in the spotlight a lot in recent days.

The statement raises new questions about the number of people involved in the ongoing investigation into Trump’s handling of classified material, he writes CNN.

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Donald Trump and his supporters believe he has declassified documents in his possession at his Mar-a-Lago home, according to several US media outlets.

‘Top Secret’ documents found

The FBI found eleven classified documents during the search. In addition, some documents must be classified as “top secret”.

Yesterday, the search warrant was announced.

In addition, Reuters reported that information about Donald Trump’s pardon of Roger Stone should have been found in the search.

Sixty former advisers to Trump and became Among other things, I was convicted of lying under oath.

In order to obtain a search warrant, the prosecution must prove that a crime has been committed. Attorney General Garland confirmed that he personally approved the FBI’s search of Trump’s home.

The Washington Post wrote that it was Reasonable suspicion that Trump kept classified documents About nuclear weapons, which was the basis of the home inspection. Trump himself has rejected this.

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It is also said that FBI agents were interested in things and other materials that they thought could be in Mar-a-lago.

A prolonged struggle with the authorities

Since last year, Trump has been in conflict with the National Archives (NARA) over public documents he allegedly took home.

After much back and forth, the archives authorities got it 15 boxes of documents I received it from Trump in February of this year. These were apparently all the documents he sat on.

Now the FBI has recovered more boxes.

If you add it now, Trump took 35 boxes of documents with him from the White House, US expert and legal scholar Sophie Hugestol tells VG.

Some documents are also categorized.

Not only did he bring a lot of documents with him, but he was also not honest when dealing with the authorities, Hugestol says.

US expert: Sophie Hoogestol says it’s “amazing” that a former president has lied to the authorities.

This is not the only investigation that Donald Trump is currently facing.

He is the first former president to be investigated by the Federal Police. Expert says it’s historic.

According to a survey, Trump has already been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits USA TODAY He did in 2016.

In 2017, it was, among other things Pay 215 million kroner is in a settlement, after being accused of fraud by people who took courses at Trump University that were supposed to teach people how to make money from real estate.

– He’s a guy who used to be in legal predicaments, says Hugestol.

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However, Hugestol states that the former president is only under investigation.

There is no indication that Trump will be indicted.

Donald Trump is considering running for president

It is rumored that Trump will run for president in 2024. Already in September Could it look like we’re going to see an announcement from Trump.

It may also appear that Donald Trump has succeeded in regaining support in the party.

He could become president: We may already know in September whether Donald Trump will run for president in 2024.

There is nothing legally standing in the way of running for president if you have a criminal conviction, and beyond that if you are under investigation.

– But what are the political consequences of the investigation by the police?

Ultimately, voters must decide, Hugestol says.

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