Two people were found trapped in a boat accident

A man suspected of involvement in the explosion in Gothenburg

The Molt fire station was evacuated with a lifeboat and rescue crew to the surface as they began their search on the water.

The search began based on information that a boat had sunk near Chetroya.

Møre og Romsdal Police District assists in the rescue operation, but refers to the primary rescue center.

– Two people have been found in the water. Status unknown. We are looking for more by two helicopters, and with the sinkers at sea, the rescue chief at HRS Eric Villasen informs TV 2.

The two were taken to a hospital in Moldova, according to the main rescue center in southern Norway.

Rescue mission following a boat accident in the water near Seterøya. Photo: Martin Kisskekjerde / TV2

He also says it is uncertain whether there are more people on board.

– There is reason to believe that someone is in the water, but beyond that I have not many ideas. This represents a relatively dramatic situation, says the duty manager at 110 Exchange Kjetil Iversen.

At 2.50pm, the duty manager of TV2 says it is unlikely there were more than two people on the boat.

– There are no signs of that yet, he says.

At 16.30pm, the search in the Seterøya area was completed, the primary rescue agency said.

Submarines are involved in the search.  Photo: Martin Kisskekjerde / TV2

Submarines are involved in the search. Photo: Martin Kisskekjerde / TV2

He says the person who reported the incident did not see any other people near the boat.

The Alesund Fire Brigade also assists divers.

– We have vast resources and divers have been flown in from Alessund, says Iverson.

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