Two seriously injured in boat accident in Krakரோw – VG

Two seriously injured in boat accident in Krakரோw - VG
Key Rescue Operation: All emergency services were on site and the main rescue center launched a major rescue operation after the crash.

Following the collision of two boats in Krakw, a major rescue operation was launched.


At 01.10am, the Southeastern Police District reported an accident at sea in Krakw. It was a collision between two boats.

– Police wrote that a boat ran aground on a ship in Krakw.

On the boat that entered Krakரோw, five people were with injuries. Two people were seriously injured, but police write that there was no danger to life. One had a head injury and another a fracture. The trees on this boat were slightly damaged.

A mile of doubt

Police said the other boat was traveling after the collision. The owner of the White Day Cruiser was wanted by police. At 0220, police reported that the owner had lodged a complaint and taken himself to a marina not far from the scene of the accident.

– None of those involved in this boat, as we have learned, were injured, the police write.

There were three people on boat number two. The master of this boat is suspected in a mill.

Otter Steinstein, operations manager at the Southeastern Police District, says Vijay had a preliminary investigation after 0530.

– There are short initial inquiries, and we can not go out with anything yet. It is not known who caused the crash. Further trial is ongoing.

– Went better than we thought

Oddgeir Andersen at the primary rescue center told VG last night that there were 8 people on the first boat.

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– They are taken care of by emergency services on site.

HRS launched a major recovery operation. Anderson said an HRS air ambulance, rescue helicopter and lifeboat were searching for the other boat. It is located at 0220.

HRS worked on the basis that someone needed help when the campaign started.

At around 07.39 am on Sunday, the police informed Viji that they would start getting an overview of the incident.

– It’s better than we thought. Police have arrested everyone on board. People have less damage than they first thought, they only have surface damage. The reason for not coming under the control of the police was the suspicion that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. A boat ran away. Operations Manager John Christian Johnsour says it took two hours for those on the boat to arrive.

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