Ubisoft announces plans to use artificial intelligence to…

Ubisoft announces plans to use artificial intelligence to…

Ubisoft has announced plans to use artificial intelligence to write dialogue for its games. It will all happen through a self-made tool called Ghost writer.

In the video above, Ubisoft explains that Ghostwriter will initially be used to write so-called “barks”. These are lines from people you pass on the street, for example – any less important characters.

Watch Dogs: Legion.


The program creates stacks of possible replicas for a given situation. These are then sent to the writing team, who edit as necessary and choose which lines to use.

The developer makes it clear that the tool is not designed to replace traditional screenwriters – that is, people. Instead, Ghostwriter was designed to reduce the workload, allowing the writing team to focus on writing the story and dialogue for the game’s main characters.

The initiative has so far received a lukewarm reception from fans of the game, but also from the developers. Sonny Santa Monica Author Alanah Pierce He specifically mentioned the amount of work required for Ghostwriter, and thought this wouldn’t necessarily be helpful at all.

As a writer, having to edit AI-generated text and dialogue seems more time-consuming than just writing tentative lines. I would certainly prefer that the major game studios take the money it costs to create such tools and use it instead to hire more writers, said Pearce.

Ubisoft has not yet said when Ghostwriter will be used, nor which games will use the tool.

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