Ukraine, Russia | This picture may be a sign of a Russian crisis: – bottoming out

Ukraine, Russia |  This picture may be a sign of a Russian crisis: – bottoming out

Yet in the war oryx It documented that Russia lost 1,603 tanks. These 1,603 tanks are just the ones that could have been verified using photos and videos. For its part, Ukraine claims to have destroyed or captured 3,041 Russian tanks.

The truth probably lies somewhere in between these numbers, but there is no doubt that Russia suffered huge losses during its invasion of neighboring Ukraine. By comparison, Norway has a little less 40 In total, but it will soon be replaced by the plan 82 New tanks.

Already in May, Netavizn was able to say that Vladimir Putin deployed tanks made in the 60s in the war against Ukraine.

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export form

In addition to exporting oil and gas to the world, Russia is also a major power when it comes to exporting military equipment. Several countries in Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union buy military equipment produced by the Russians.

The tank shown at the top of the article must be a T-90S. The T-90 is a third generation Russian tank that entered service in the 1990s. There are several different versions of the T-90 tank, and the S stands for export.

In other words, it now appears that the Russians have deployed military equipment in Ukraine that they were supposed to sell to other countries. This is the first time it can be proven that the Russians lost a T-90S model in Ukraine.

Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Instructor of the Ground Forces Division of the School of War, Palle Ydstebø, learned of the loss of the tank.

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In an SMS to Nettavisen, Ydstebø wrote that the T-90S is an export version used by India, among other countries, which will have more than 1,000 in service.

– But Azerbaijan and Iraq also use them, the presenter wrote.

There is speculation as to whether the destroyed tank was taken from a series that was to be exported, but Ydstebø has not seen any confirmation of where it is coming from.

There is a degree of uncertainty about the amount of material the Russians have access to, not the least of which is the state of the material in stock. He wrote to Nettavisen that there are signs that they are starting to delve deeper into certain types of material, but it’s hard to say anything with certainty.

As Nettavisen can see, the image of the destroyed T90-S tank first appeared on Wednesday afternoon, January 4, on a Ukrainian. Telegram channel.

It can cause dissatisfaction

Tom Røseth is Director of the Intelligence Division at the Norwegian Defense College, and leads their research group on Ukraine. He says that the Russians are using other military equipment intended for export in the war against Ukraine, and that it is not surprising that they have deployed T-90S tanks.

– This means that other countries may have to wait for their delivery, because the Russians prioritize the war in Ukraine over arms shipments to their partners. It can create dissatisfaction among clients, Røseth tells Nettavisen.

He believes that this then indicates that the Russians do not have an inexhaustible stock of war materials to draw from.

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Russia has a lot of equipment in stock, but maybe not all of it is well maintained, says Rosth.

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