Ulf Kristersson, Sweden | Misquote by Ulf Kristersson causes outrage in the Middle East

Ulf Kristersson, Sweden |  Misquote by Ulf Kristersson causes outrage in the Middle East

There was an uproar when Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson took to a round of open questions in Gothenburg this week. A number of pro-Palestinian demonstrators were present in the hall and asked the Swedish Prime Minister a number of crucial questions related to the war between Hamas and Israel.

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Since Hamas attacked Israel on the morning of October 7, there has been a moral debate over whether Israel has the right to defend itself by resorting to a counterattack. The country began bombing Gaza shortly after the Hamas attack.

One pro-Palestinian demonstrator asked Christerson if he “really believes the ongoing genocide is self-defense,” according to a video. Aftonbladet Posted on its pages.

The Prime Minister responded by saying, “Israel has the right to the people…”, before stopping and correcting the sentence and saying, “The right to self-defense.”

Protesters in the audience then began shouting that Christerson said “Israel has the right to genocide.”

– KCatastrophic misinformation

This is the quote from Christerson that is now being quoted in many Middle Eastern media outlets.

Qatari Arabi He describes the statement that Christerson did not say as disastrous misinformation. According to Aftonbladet newspaper, the Turkish Public Broadcasting Corporation presents the quote as fact, while the Palestinian News Agency Wafa News Agency He writes that Christerson put the words in his mouth, but then corrected himself.

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The Swedish Foreign Ministry took to X, formerly Twitter, to warn about this quote.

An inaccurate translation of a clip of the Prime Minister of Sweden spread on social media. Don’t contribute to this. What he said was that Sweden and the European Union stand strongly behind Israel’s right to defend itself.

-The worst thing you can imagine

Swedish terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp told Aftonbladet newspaper that this misquote, in addition to the burning of the Holy Quran that occurred in Sweden last year, contributed to increasing the image of threats against Sweden.

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– We have witnessed a perfect storm of the spread narrative – that Sweden is an anti-Muslim and Islamophobic country. On top of that lies the problem with Israel, Hamas, and Palestine. He says and continues:

– This feeds the forces that want Sweden so badly and the violent circles. These are very sensitive issues and mobilize very great forces in Western societies and globally as well. The spread of such things is the worst thing you can imagine, Ranstorp says.

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